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The Least We Can Do For Ourselves

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  • Djehuti Sundaka
    http://www.jubilee2000uk.org/databank/debttables/debtdata99.htm Source: GDF 2001 US$ millions unless otherwise stated GNP Total debt stocks EDT Gambia, 271
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2002

      Source: GDF 2001 US$ millions unless otherwise stated
      GNP Total debt stocks EDT

      Gambia, 271
      Ethiopia, 459
      Sao Tome and Principe, 254

      The above are the lowest debts to be paid.

      Folks, it would only take $984,000,000 to pay off these three country's
      debts if we as a people should choose to do so. Assuming the collective
      debts to now total a little over a billion dollars, it would still be
      feasible for us to raise the money to pay them off within a single year
      and establish mutually benefiting trade and investment agreements with
      these countries. While everyone's organizing to beg for reparations
      from our oppressors, there's no reason we can't seek to independently
      get ahead with our own people as well. Are we really about nation
      building or merely nation dreaming? Now, we'll find out.

      Djehuti Sundaka
    • Djehuti Sundaka
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 6, 2002
        > The debt can not and should not be paid, and certainly not by
        > the masses of our people, or us!
        > Why should we pay our slave masters anything?
        > Why should we reward the thieves in Africa who stole
        > the so-called loans?
        > There is no difference between begging our masters for crumbs,
        > or kissing their ass, and stuffing their pockets with more of our
        > cash!
        > I fail to see how paying the debt, will do anything for us,
        > collectively or individually. This proposal sounds like more
        > kiss ass to me.
        > Bob Brown
        > _______________________________________________________
        > I'm glad you posted this reply because on one hand I certainly agree and
        > would prefer that our people stand up to our oppressors. On the other
        > hand, there's the on-going reality that our people aren't doing what
        > needs to be done by standing up to their enslavers. This may be a
        > situation that cannot be helped as the masses may not be aware of the
        > factors that are keeping them in a state of perpetual poverty and
        > economic servitude. Standing up to the enslavers would mean standing up
        > to the so-called leaders who are their puppets and that of course means
        > revolution across the borders. As much as I would like it, I just don't
        > see that happening at this time. I don't see the masses possessing the
        > awareness of their situation and I don't see those who do being able to
        > make a firm stand. So until plan A can be achieved, a plan B is needed.
        > When chattel slavery had been allowed in the colonial empire, all of the
        > enslaved people were free to either attempt escape or rebellion.
        > However, no matter how many people had actually escaped or rebelled, the
        > vast majority had never chosen to do so at any time. So slavery
        > continued. Sometimes when a person had become free, that person could
        > buy the freedom of a loved one. It didn't change the fact that the
        > loved one should never have been enslaved in the first place and it
        > didn't change the fact that someone's freedom shouldn't have been a
        > price to have been paid to an enslaver (or anyone for that matter).
        > Nevertheless, with no apparent alternative for securing the freedom of
        > the loved one, money was paid to an enslaver.
        > The tactics we use to overcome our oppressor isn't always going to be to
        > our liking. When we lack the ideal means or manpower to do what needs
        > to be done, we have to employ alternative methods for building up to the
        > state of affairs we need for further progress. We need a freed base of
        > operations to work from. We need a place from which the awareness of
        > the economic situation and the motivation to do something about it can
        > be disseminated to the rest of the Continent. So long as the minds of
        > the masses remain colonized, standing up to the enslavers is not going
        > to happen. The enslaver's money finances the mental and social
        > colonization of our masses and our choice to utilize his money for
        > freeing and decolonizing some of our masses can be the foothold we need
        > to freeing the rest of our masses without his money. We have to work
        > with what we got until we have what we want. It can only be kiss ass if
        > there's no planned endeavor to do anything more.
        > Djehuti Sundaka
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