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  • Djehuti Sundaka
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
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      Yemi Toure wrote:

      > Please Forward and Post
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      > For your meeting or conference, here is a dynamic, engaging, and fact-based
      > speaker . . .
      > * YEMI TOURE *
      > Offers You . . .
      > Yemi discusses:
      > - - In 1776 more Blacks fought with the British than with George
      > Washington. Why?
      > - - Should Blacks praise the "Founding Fathers" - - or the Quakers?
      > - - The term "Slave Trade" - what is hiding behind it?
      > - - The first Blacks did NOT come to the U.S. as slaves in 1619 - who came
      > before? What happened to them?
      > - - Nat Turner - did he act for or against God's will?
      > - - Which Blacks GOT their "40 Acres and a Mule"?
      > - - Is Tupac Shakur the hip-hop Malcolm X?
      > These and many, many more fact-based issues and analysis are
      > presented in Yemi Toure's talk, "Whose History Is Black History?" Quoting
      > sources throughout, Yemi explores new and well-worn avenues in Black
      > History with fresh insights.
      > Yemi is author of the forthcoming book "View From the Bridge," a
      > study of Black historians, for Africa World Press. He is former associate
      > professor at UCLA, and has written for publications as diverse as The Black
      > Scholar and Newsweek. He holds a Master of Arts degree from UCLA, and has
      > taught journalism and Black Studies at four universities. His article on
      > five Black historians, "Elder Statesmen," appeared in the Los Angeles Times.
      > He is editor of the web site HYPE, at http://www.afrikan.net/hype/
      > Yemi is a long-time student of history and community activist. He
      > was an invited speaker at the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid in
      > 1977, and has spoken to academic and community audiences from Kentucky to
      > London, from North Carolina to Nigeria.
      > *Yemi Is Available for Speaking Engagements*
      > He blends a full measure of facts and insights into a presentation
      > that instructs and entertains. You can choose from a short panel
      > presentation or a full one-hour speech, and then - -
      > - - Reach Yemi at ytoure1@... or call 404.526.5470 any
      > time.
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      > YEMI TOURE Biographical Statement
      > Yemi Toure (pronounced YAY-mee too-RAY) is a free-lance writer, historian,
      > and culture critic, and has taught Black Studies and journalism at UCLA, at
      > the Cal State University campuses, and at the Claremont Colleges. He is
      > editor of HYPE, a web site that monitors the Black image in the media.
      > He writes a nationally syndicated column on media, culture and politics.
      > His essay on five Black historians, "Elder Statesmen," appeared in the Los
      > Angeles Times. And he is expanding it into the forthcoming history book,
      > "View From the Bridge," for Africa World Press.
      > Yemi has been an invited speaker at UCLA, Kentucky State University, New
      > York's Cooper Union, University of California at Irvine, Virginia State
      > University and scores of other universities and colleges.
      > He has presented talks and panels at such conferences as the National
      > Association of African- American Studies, and the Association for the Study
      > of African-American Life and History.
      > He was an invited speaker at the United Nations, at a meeting of the UN's
      > Center Against Apartheid.
      > Yemi's two current talks are "Whose History Is Black History?" and "Blacks
      > in the Media Millennium." More details on the talks are available.
      > He is a community activist, a student of history and of mass media.
      > He has lived in Nigeria for two summers, and has visited Ghana, Ivory
      > Coast, Tanzania, England and Mexico. He has spoken to academic and
      > community groups in Nigeria, Tanzania and England.
      > Yemi is a professional journalist, having worked at the Los Angeles Times
      > and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and has also written for publications
      > as diverse as The Black Scholar and Newsweek. He holds a Master of Arts
      > degree in journalism from UCLA.
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