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17655LIVE WEBSTREAMING: Fri. Feb. 28th - Sun. Mar. 2nd - "The Meeting Of The Master Teachers Conference 2014", featuring, Bro. Robert X, Kilindi Iyi, Marduk Bel and Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show!!!

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  • Michael Imhotep
    Feb 27, 2014
      Hello Everyone,

      Fri. Feb. 28th – Sun. Mar. 2nd – LIVE WEBSTREAMING AVAILABLE – WATCH AROUND THE WORLD, The African History Network Lecture Series & Urban Guerillaz Productions presents “The Meeting Of The Master Teachers Conference 2014”, Fri. Feb. 28th, 6pm-12 midnight EST, Sat. 10am-7pm EST & Sun, feat. Bro. Robert X, Ahati Kilindi Iyi, Bro. Marduk Bel and Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show.  LIVE WEBSTREAMING AVAILABLE.  Visit www.TheAfricanHistoryNetwork.com for more information.

      5e Gallery, 4605 Cass Ave, (at Forest St.), Detroit, MI (enter through the Forest St. entrance, through the Red Door)

      Visit us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1384649185126679/#

      Watch a preview here from Bro. Robert X - http://youtu.be/zCsUCV8qPd4

       A FEW VENDOR SPACES ARE STILL AVAILABLE. Please call call (313) 462-0003 or (313) 471-1192 or email us at TheAHNShow@....

        Bro. Robert X - (Lecturer & Researcher from Chicago)  
        Day 1: “Metaphysical Origins of The Dogon in Kemet”
        Day 2:  “Metaphysics of Hollywood: Superman, Thor & Elysium”
        Day 3:  “Google...Rise of The Machines”                    

      Michael Imhotep - Founder of The African History Network, Host of The African History Network Show, “Understanding The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: What They Didn’t Teach You In School”  

      When we discuss the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade we have to first understand that African people are the Indigenous people of North, Central & South America & have been in the U.S. at least 51,700 years. We can’t start studying our history in SLAVERY. 

      Watch a video clip here: http://youtu.be/ASZAyzD7UpI

      Topics Covered Will Include:

      - The connection between The 4 Voyages of Christopher Columbus and Slavery.

      - The Impact the Moors had on Europe that saved them from ignorance and disease.

      - The economic impact that Slavery had on Europe & the U.S. and more.

      - How European White Supremacy is like the "Wizard Of Oz".

      - The Intellectual Capital that was taken out of African during the Slave Trade.

      - Some of the Skills, Trades and Crafts that African people had in The U.S. up until 1865 that built this  Country. 

      - The Origins of Racism and much more.


      Ahati Kilindi Iyi - Grandmaster of African Martial Arts, Lecturer & Historian, “DMT and The Tree of Life (The Akhaskic Records), DMT”

      Bro. Marduk Maruk Bel - Founder, The Temple of Knowledge 720 Degrees, “Kemet, Science and Medu Netcher”

      For more information call (313) 462-0003 or (313) 471-1192, E-mail TheAHNShow@...
      or visit www.TheAfricanHistoryNetwork.com.  For Vendor information call Malik at (313) 471-1192.

      Michael Imhotep
      President, The African History Network
      Executive Producer/Talk Show Host of The African History Network Show
      (313) 462-0003 (Office)
      Listen to The African History Network Show, Thursdays, 8pm-11pm EST
      at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheAfricanHistoryNetworkShow or at (914) 338-1375