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17558More than 500,000 travelers to Cuba from the US spent more than $1Billion USD in the island

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  • PGM
    Sep 22, 2013
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       What is the average cost of a Cuban family to visit the island from the United States? Only in passports, tickets and costs of currency exchange to the CUC -the second national currency which is equated with the dollar- will be an average of $1,000 USD per person, add what is spent on travel and gifts to the family: do other $1,000 USD this time?

      Multiply that by 500,000 travelers last year and represents $1 Billion dollars.

      Who says that it is not important what migrants and those who travel from the United States do not give the Cuban economy?

      Meanwhile the slowness of the bureaucracy in Cuba not allowed to more than 200,000 migrants abroad visit their families on the island, which represents more than 10% of the 2 million of Cuban émigrés have vetoed its entry to the island.

      It is not only an economic issue, but important for the country, since each year - according to Cuban official figures - plus 47,000 Cubans migrate every year.

      These issues have to be considered now, when the national economy worsens and not continue postponing decisions that are leaving that in the hands of the bureaucracy.