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  • RE Ausetkmt
    Mar 1, 2010
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      today's news is dedicated to one man - Senator Jim Bunning - of Michigan (bitchslap).
      sometimes you just want to see the real news right. This clown prevented a shitload of people from having money to feed themselves, pay their mortgage, or just live. he needs to understand that this is not appropriate.

      Please help us gather our response and respond after you watch this - the skrate clowns doin the news but it's the reality of what's happening right now (video contains profanity and truth in abundance) in Our Nations Capital. it's a skrate clown show - and Jim Bunning is the Ringmaster.

      For those of you who may not know - the ICP (Insane Clown Posse) Like Jim Bunning are from a blue collar suburb of Detroit. so This Is the Motown View of the News. All Over the World. even when you move out state, you still remain a member of the ID-10-T Team apparently.  and yes this is the clown who played for the tigers. non team playin asshole..

      Tell Us Jim, when will we be seeing the dog and pony show ?

      Lone senator blocks unemployment benefit extensions

      From Ted Barrett, CNN Congressional Producer
      February 26, 2010 7:24 p.m. EST
      (to read the entire story please click the title link -  it will direct you to cnn's site and the story)

      Washington (CNN) -- The Senate adjourned Friday without approving extensions of cash and health insurance benefits for the unemployed after a lone senator blocked swift passage due to his insistence that Congress first pay for the $10 billion package.
      Retiring Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Kentucky, led a spirited Senate debate with Democrats over the issue -- at one time cursing at another senator on the floor. Bunning said he doesn't oppose extending the programs -- he just doesn't want to add to the deficit.

      According to two Democratic aides on the Senate floor Thursday night, Bunning muttered "tough s---" as Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, criticized Bunning's stance on the package.

      Posted By RE Ausetkmt to A BadGal Says - TheSUSS at 3/02/2010 12:13:00 AM