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Interesting item on eBay web site item#2564438707: How to Help Reopen UPTOWN THEATRE in CHICAGO!

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    Uptown Theatre, Chicago. Title of item: How to Help Reopen UPTOWN THEATRE in CHICAGO! Seller: rickopochi Starts: Oct-11-03 10:11:18 PDT Ends: Oct-18-03
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2003
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      Uptown Theatre, Chicago.

      Title of item: How to Help Reopen UPTOWN THEATRE in CHICAGO!
      Seller: rickopochi
      Starts: Oct-11-03 10:11:18 PDT
      Ends: Oct-18-03 10:11:18 PDT
      Price: Currently $12.50
      To bid on the item, go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2564438707

      Item Description:
      How to Help Reopen UPTOWN THEATRE in CHICAGO!You are a bidding ona package of printed materials designed as a PROSPECTUS for parties interested in investing in Units of the Uptown Performance Centre, LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company.This LLC was formed on April 4, 2003 for the purpose of acquiring, restoring, adapting and operating the historic Uptown Theatre building located in Chicago, Illinois.The 4,381-seat theatre built in 1925 has been closed since 1981.The materials that comprise this auction may also be of interest to collectors.Here’s what is included:CONFIDENTIAL PRIVATE PLACEMENT MEMORANDUMThis 85-page document, contained in a green hardcover loose-leaf binder, includes full details of the Executive Summary of the Offering, Risk Factors, Terms of the Offering, Suitability Requirements, Financial Matters, Business Plan, Management Information, Projected Results in Operations, Tax Considerations, and Legal Matters.Appendices include Income Assumptions, Co!
      rrespondence, Information about Theatre Renovation, and a Summary of Information Submitted to the Commission on Chicago Landmarks.The Uptown TheatreARCHITECT’S PRESENTATION11-by-17 inch spiral-bound proposal booklet with architectural plans by Martinez & Johnson, prepared October 2003.Includes 8-by-11 cover photo of the Uptown in its heyday, drawings of designs of the upper & lower levels of the new Uptown, photos of other theatres whose restoration was designed by M & J, and color photographs of the Uptown with and without potential renovations.PHOTOS: Theatre Historical Society of America, Inc., Elmhurst, ILMint ConditionMARQUEE MagazineThe Journal of the Theatre Historical SocietyVol. 9 -- No. 2Second Quarter -- 1977SPECIAL UPTOWN THEATRE ISSUEThis 28-page magazine contains no advertising. Every square inch is dedicated to celebrating the glories of the Uptown! Includes 32 glorious photographs plus numerous drawings and other illustrations. Images range from the theatre d!
      uring construction, to the grand Wurlitzer organ, to the indoor fountain, and much more. Text includes original 1925 Welcome to the Uptown Theatre, A Palace of Enchantment, A Mighty LINK in a Mighty CHAIN, Facts about the Uptown Theatre, and more, including architect C.W. Rapp’s provocative article, “Not for TODAY -- But for All TIME.”BONUS: You will also receive a personally autographed photo of the Chairman of the Uptown Performance Centre, LLC.Photo by Chris JacksonPictured Above: (No, it’s not Geraldo Rivera.)PAUL W. WARSHAUERChairman of the UPTOWN PERFORMANCE CENTRE, LLC,opening the safe of the Uptownand graphically demonstrating theneed for investorsto save and re-vitalize this remarkable Chicago landmark!DISCLAIMER: Your bid on this item does not constitute an investment in the Uptown. This sale is only for a set of the materials (documents & photos) detailed above. If you choose to invest, you are advised to seek legal and financial assistance.The office of the Uptow!
      n Performance Center, LLC is currently located in the Portage Theatre, 4050 N. Milwaukee, Chicago IL 60641.(773) 202-1010FAX: (773) 202-7989BUYER IN THE UNITED STATES ADDS $5.00 FOR STANDARD USPS SHIPPING/HANDLING (or if you prefer, I’ll calculate Priority Mail shipping)AND PAYS WITHIN 10 DAYS BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDEROR VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD(OR FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT) VIA PAYPAL.COM.INSURANCE IS OPTIONAL AND EXTRA.FOREIGN BUYERS ADD THEIR CHOICE OF ECONOMY (SURFACE) OR AIR MAIL SHIPPING COSTS.THANKS FOR LOOKING, AND ESPECIALLY FOR BIDDING!Visit my “About Me” page and see my other auctions for an eclectic assortment of quality books, music, and movie-related offerings.WARNING: My buyers tend to be...delighted!
      Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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