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Chicago: Special Holiday Events and theatre briefs.

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  • mrcooby
    Am I the only one here with any theatre news/olds? =Lou=
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2004
      Am I the only one here with any theatre news/olds?

      >From: "Friends of the Uptown" Holiday Events and briefs
      >Special Holiday Events and briefs
      >PICKWICK presents 'Peter Pan'
      >Special holiday show and sing-along with Jay Warren
      >If you want to taste the flavor of entertainment that built and
      >sustained the UPTOWN THEATRE and other movie palaces in their prime,
      >come out to the historic PICKWICK THEATRE, 5 S. Prospect Ave.,
      >in Park Ridge, Illinois, this Friday, Dec. 10, for a special holiday
      >Beginning at 7:30 p.m., the program includes the 1924 silent holiday
      >classic "Peter Pan" with live pipe organ photoplay accompaniment by
      >Chicago's Jay Warren. Jay will add to the program with a special
      >holiday sing-along.
      >If you haven't seen the Prairie-Art Deco-Cubist-Mayan-Gothic-styled
      >PICKWICK and heard its organ in action, then we suggest you treat
      >yourselfto this presentation for this holiday season. The PICKWICK is
      >sited prominently at the nexus of Touhy Avenue and Northwest Highway
      >in the uptown district of Park Ridge.
      >Tickets are $9 in advance, $8 for students and seniors (advance), $7
      >for children under 12 (advance), and $11 (all tickets) on the day of
      >the show. You may charge by phone by calling (773) 205-7372.
      >The Silent Film Society of Chicago
      >'Peter Pan' via Silent Era
      >PICKWICK organ via CATOE
      >A more-democratic CONGRESS
      >CONGRESS THEATRE and historic Chicago will be celebrated in a "winter
      >benefit" event for the local historic preservation advocacy group
      >called Preservation Chicago from 6 to 8:30 p.m. this Thursday, Dec.
      >9, at the CONGRESS, 2139 N. Milwaukee Ave.
      >A $35 donation gets you music, food, a building tour, and a chance to
      >bid on historic artifacts and items of interest. Call (312) 255-0015.
      >Designated a city landmark in 2002, the CONGRESS is one of the city's
      >top two intact movie palaces in Chicago (the other being the restored
      >but closed AVALON/NEW REGAL). Take time to look at its many original
      >paints and surface treatments and original bronze and crystal
      >The opportunity to see the building during a tailored function is a
      >rare treat. The building stays busy with popular music shows and capacity
      >CONGRESS THEATRE homepage
      >CONGRESS THEATRE via city landmarks
      >Preservation Chicago (not updated)
      >Schedule posted for CHICAGO tours
      >The CHICAGO THEATRE, 175 N. State St., is hosting building tours
      >quite frequently. Call (312) 462-6300, or view the Web site for
      >details. If you haven't toured it recently, make your plans today!
      >Tales of investment woe plague UPTOWN owner Robert Lunn
      >Local media noted recently that the UPTOWN THEATRE, 4816 N. Broadway,
      >is part of the foreclosed and former real-estate portfolio of
      >would-be developer Rudy Mulder. The beneficial interest in the UPTOWN
      >and other Chicago foreclosed commercial properties formerly owned by
      >Mulder, et al was assumed by Lunn Partners, 1 N. Franklin St., which
      >is led and majority owned by local investment adviser Robert Lunn.
      >Lunn, according to the Tribune, spent 17 years with Morgan Stanley &
      >Co. before working at Lehman Brothers. He also has served on the
      >board of The Laboratory Schools at the University of Chicago, the
      >Tribune reported.
      >For at least two months, Lunn's corporate and private assets have
      >reportedly been frozen due to pending litigation against him and his
      >companies. This week, Chicago Sun-Times columnist David Roeder
      >revealed former Bulls basketball star and former Chicago auto
      >dealership owner Scottie Pippen as one of the investors who have
      >pursued Robert Lunn for money entrusted to him.
      >According to Roeder, Pippen's lawsuit states that out of $17.5
      >million he invested, Lunn placed about $7 million with Mulder,
      >without disclosing the business relationship or Mulder's foreclosure
      >in October 2003. Pippen was awarded an $11.8 million judgment against
      >Lunn by a Cook County court, according to reports.
      >Where does that leave the historic UPTOWN? In not dissimilar
      >circumstancesfrom its recent past. This is its current status, according
      >to its neighbors and advocates:
      >1. Reportedly for sale for around $2.5 million.
      >2. In trouble with the city and Cook County circuit court judge
      >Daniel Joseph Lynch (of E-2 nightclub fame) in a four-year-old
      >building court case. Robert Lunn and previous owners Cercore
      >Properties have repeatedly ignored court deadlines and orders for
      >exterior inspections and repairs. This has resulted in continuing
      >daily fines but no subpoenas or jail time for Lunn, Mulder or the
      >other former alleged owner-partner John Terzakis.
      >3. Without significant court advocacy as both the National Trust for
      >Historic Preservation and Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois
      >have been asked to attend the hearings and enter an appearance.
      >Both organizations have declined to become active advocates this year.
      >4. Vacant, boarded-up and secure, with no active marketing, prospect
      >or plan for its renovation and reuse. Tax increment financing and
      >historic preservation incentives for development would be available
      >to a project that is favorable to officials.
      >5. In view of Lunn's problems, there has been talk of the court
      >appointing a receiver to manage, market and sell the property. It is
      >hoped that the court may seize some of Lunn's remaining assets in
      >order to begin the court-ordered exterior inspections and repairs.
      >Chicago Tribune story, Nov. 24, 2004
      >Chicago Sun-Times, Dave Roeder, Dec. 1, 2004 column
      >Lunn Partners LLC (defunct Web site)
      >National Trust for Historic Preservation
      >Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois
      >Three cheers for the RIVIERA and ARAGON!
      >In contrast to the inactivity of owners evidenced by the shuttered
      >UPTOWN, one only has to look south and east at Broadway and Lawrence
      >to see the regional demand for popular entertainment presented in
      >historic venues.
      >This fall has been a busy time for both houses, with many premium-
      >priced, capacity shows. Several hard-to-get ticket events have been
      >happening at both venues, including a "Rock the Vote" event at the
      >RIVIERA and the Pixies band reunion at the ARAGON.
      >If you haven't patronized the RIVIERA or ARAGON lately, take a look
      >at their calendars and go! You'll be surprised by the quality of
      >their original design and construction AND by the TLC that their
      >current owners, operators and managers provide to keep the venues
      >viable and popular.
      >For now, the only way the UPTOWN's marquee gets lit is from the glow
      >of the RIVIERA and ARAGON marquees and the beaming smiles of their
      >patrons who happen to walk by.
      >ARAGON BALLROOM via Jazz Age Chicago
      >Fun new UPTOWN photo posted online!
      >Volunteer Kanae Hirabayashi has provided us with a wonderful new photo
      >that we have used for a signature image on our YahooGroups homepage.
      >Check it out! Only the falcons and the pigeons have a better view ...
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