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Re: Those vertical signs.

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  • jimor2
    ... the oldest ... in 1903. The ... beauty in ... long as I ... theatre, ... time I saw ... sure enough, ... you know I ... because a silly ... you who cared,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 29, 2004
      --- In historicmoviepalaces@yahoogroups.com, "mrcooby" <x779@w...> wrote:
      > --- In Don Wagner <overit@n...> wrote:
      > > Hey Lou!
      > >
      > > I love the vertical signs too, in whatever form they took. One of
      the oldest
      > > theatres still operating here in NYC is the New Amsterdam, built
      in 1903. The
      > > original signage is long gone but it was replaced by this art deco
      beauty in
      > > believe in the 50s. At the top of the sign is a clock, and for a
      long as I
      > > can remember it was stopped at about 2:50. Disney took over the
      > > restored it and the Lion King has been there forever. The first
      time I saw
      > > the restored theatre from the street I looked for the clock, and
      sure enough,
      > > it was running, the lights were flashing and it was beautiful. Do
      you know I
      > > actually got all choked up standing there on 42nd Street all
      because a silly
      > > clock was working? What a load of sentimental hooey! ;-)
      > >
      > Not at all. That told you that there was someone else out there like
      you who cared, too.
      For another account of the importance of Verticals, see this
      discussion in the Comments section about the RIVERSIDE:
      Jim R.
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