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Center Seeks Final Funds to Buy Roxy Theatre

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    Center seeks final funds to buy Roxy By SHERRY DEVLIN of the Missoulian Deadline approaches The International Wildlife Media Center and Film Festival may
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2004
      Center seeks final funds to buy Roxy
      By SHERRY DEVLIN of the Missoulian

      Deadline approaches

      The International Wildlife Media Center and Film Festival may inhabit
      Missoula's Roxy Theater, but the historic movie house is not yet
      their own.

      In a plea to would-be donors, film festival executive director Janet
      Rose said the "Save the Roxy" campaign is $140,000 short of the
      $400,000 needed to meet an end-of-June bank deadline.

      "We are not a money-maker," Rose said Monday. "We don't generate big
      revenue. We need the public's support to pay off the Roxy."

      Audiences can number 20 people on a Friday night, and no one is
      turned away - even if they don't have the $4 admission, she said. "So
      we're really just bumping along."

      But the media center's yearly film festival draws thousands of
      wildlife filmmakers and aficionados, and its educational programs
      serve thousands more school children, so the work is important, Rose

      And the Roxy is central to that work.

      The Wildlife Media Center contracted to buy the Roxy 18 months ago
      and moved into the Higgins Avenue theater shortly thereafter.

      Since then, the group has opened the Roxy's three theaters to the
      community for wildlife films every weekend, and also for workshops on
      filmmaking, a lending library for teachers and adults, and for
      lectures and performances by outside groups.

      Recently, Rose said she realized that by moving into the Roxy before
      its funding was secure, the film festival probably gave some members
      of the public a false impression - namely, that the habitat was

      It is not, she said Monday. "Probably a lot of people think we got
      the building and don't need their help anymore. But we don't have the
      building and we do need everyone's help."

      By June 30, the group must raise the final $140,000 needed to pay off
      a bridge loan at First Security Bank.

      And while the 27th annual International Wildlife Film Festival
      (planned for May 1-8) will certainly help raise part of that money,
      it will not be enough, Rose said.

      The bulk, she said, will have to come from individuals - film
      festival supporters, schoolchildren, community groups, anyone who
      wants to preserve both the Roxy and the wildlife film festival.

      Already, one wall in the Roxy's lobby is covered with hand-painted
      tiles recognizing all of the $50-plus donors to date. Another wall is
      filling up fast.

      "But we need to cover the entire lobby," Rose said. "So we need to go
      out and publicize the need and what it's for and why it's important."

      Over the past 18 months, the bulk of the funds raised for the Roxy's
      purchase have been small-dollar donations: $100 from an elementary-
      school class, $1,000 from a patron of the arts, $250 from a family
      that enjoys wildlife films.

      Now, Rose said, she hopes to tap into several segments of the
      community that haven't yet donated significant amounts: the medical
      community, legal community, downtown businesses.

      "There's no doubt we are becoming a fixture downtown," she said. "And
      we're becoming a major resource for schools and children."

      It'll never be easy to make ends meet, Rose said. But it'll at least
      be possible if the group can raise $140,000 by June.

      "If we have a small mortgage, it is certainly manageable," she
      said. "If we get this last $140,000, we're home free."

      Reporter Sherry Devlin can be reached at 523-5268 or at

      If you're interested

      Learn more about the Save the Roxy Global Community Campaign by
      contacting the International Wildlife Media Center and Film Festival
      at 728-9380 or at iwff@.... The group's daily and
      weekly events are posted on its new Web site at www.wildlifefilms.org.
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