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46Re: [Historic Movie Palaces] IMDb: Believers, The (1987)

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  • David Holmquist
    Jan 26 8:46 AM
      I'm not looking for that info. I am looking for help on
      finding out what an old mural might have looked like.
      Here's the story about that: As you are walking up to the
      second floor mezzanine there is a little landing in the
      stairway (kind of like a resting step or a half way step
      like found in most victorian homes) and on the wall next to
      you, there was originally a mural that was painted there
      when the building was built on March 4th, 1939. Over the
      years, it was totally painted over and now there's a blank
      wall. To this day, no one knows what the mural was. Do
      you know what that mural was, or do you have a pic of that
      mural? If you don't know about this mural, what kind of
      instrument could we use to find out what the mural is under
      all those coats of paint?

      From, Chris Holmquist

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