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191Re: Genesee Theatre Waukegan

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  • mrcooby
    Feb 16, 2005
      --- In historicmoviepalaces@yahoogroups.com, Matt Spero <moviebear1@s...> wrote:
      > Two years ago I was visiting a friend in Wakegan and durring a walk discovered this theatre it was in the midst of renovation. I live in Los Angeles so have only been able to follow the renovation by the internet. . . They finally re-opened the theatre in December but I have not been able to find any pictures of the finished building or of opening night. Someone out there must have some pics. . . would really like to see how it came out.
      > Matt Spero
      Wow, Matt, thanks for writing.
      It's good to know I'm not all alone here; I was beginning to feel like Burgess Meredith on 'Twilight Zone'.
      I think all the others are long-buried in the ruins of the Roxy.

      The GENESEE is gorgeous after a $22+ million renovation-restoration. Check http://www.geneseetheatre.org and http://www.geneseetheatre.com . Bill Cosby was the re-opening act before Christmas and was sold out in hours.
      They blew back the stagehouse to the north to make more room.

      Even when it was open before, it wasn't well-known. I held a tour there in October 1982 and lots of people showed up. I played the Barton organ, but that has been replaced by another Barton.

      This was all done by the City of Waukegan, so let that be a lesson to all those lazy and cowardly local politicians everywhere who allow all their hometown movie palaces to rot into a shambles before they finally spend their precious dollars on them ... for demolition!
      Tell your local two-bit mayors and aldermen that the time to spend money on the theatres is at the *beginning* of their closure, not at the end, when its too late.
      At least at the beginning, the money can be recovered.
      At the end, all they'll have is a vacant lot.

      Say, Matt, are you related to the late Spero Oldsmobile-Cadillac dealership in Waukegan?


      The second-to-last survivor here.
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