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149Need help with restoring a part of theater...

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  • Christopher Holmquist
    Oct 4, 2004
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      Hey guys. I am helping to restore an old movie theater in Eureka,
      CA called the Eureka Theater (not the one bult in 1921 and not to be
      confused with the State Theater). www.eurekatheater.org. In our
      ticket booth, three of our windows were bashed out and destroyed by
      some jackass bum, and we are looking for someone to help us
      duplicate the original design onto a new piece of glass. We did
      manage to salvage one piece that wasn't completely wrecked. I can
      take a picture and post it here thursday in the evening. We would
      like someone to duplicate it for us VERY cheap or better yet, free.
      Its an easy design and I believe its either (or both) bevelled or
      etched. So please contact me if you can do it free or cheap.