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13Closure of a World First!

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  • nodottle
    Jan 29, 2001
      Hi Everyone,<br><br>Sunday 28th. January,
      witnessed the closure, of the six screen Odeon Film Centre,
      in Nottingham, England. In itself this would hardly
      be newsworthy, as the remaining tradition cinemas
      are rapidly disapearing. throughout the UK, as we are
      being overun by a plague of muliplexes. This cinema has
      a special place in the history, as in 1965, it
      became the World's first fully automated "twin cinema"
      when the vast single auditorium, was horizontally
      divided into screen 1 upstairs (900 seats) & the screen 2
      downstairs, with 1450 seats. The so called "Magic Brain" in
      cinema 2, controlled everything in the lower projection
      box, including house lights, etc. This was still
      usable, at the time of closure, and I hope it will find
      its deserved retirement in a museum.<br><br>In later
      years, a small third screen was created in a former
      restaraunt, & two small Coffin shaped screens were created in
      the rear of the downstairs auditorium. A final
      addition of a basement screen six, was to create the final
      total.<br><br>Despite this further sub-division, the upper screen,
      remained as at conversion, a comparatively rare example of
      1960s cinema architecture. It is sad to see the old
      place close, although it had become rather tatty, and
      run down in recent years. It had managed to compete,
      with an out of town "Showcase" complex for the last 14
      years, but doubtless would have struggled with a new 14
      screen Warner site nearing completion, close by. Any
      upgrade investment, would have been high risk, and the
      building occupies, probably one of the most prime
      development sites in the city.<br><br>British multiplex
      developments, were generally placed,out of town centres, but
      now planning controls have been tightened, which has
      forced new developments, back into the centres, & this
      is now resulting in the loss of most traditional
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