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cleaning old books and specimens

A teacher at school retired this year, and rather than throw away her collection of mounted specimens and books, offered them to fellow teachers who might be
Jun 22

Re: Interpretive Plan & Furnishings Plan

Some of the best overall guidelines for formulating historic house interpretive plans and furnishing plans is from the National Park Service. It can be found
Martha Katz-Hyman
Jun 21

Workshops from Museum Services of the Texas Historical Commission

In addition to several upcoming free webinars, Museum Services of the THC have three upcoming workshops in Texas. Erin McClelland presents Connecting Visitors
Jun 20

ID & Care of Photographs on Paper course begins July 10 on MuseumStu

Join photographic materials conservator Kim DuBois for the online professional development course ID & Care of Photographs on Paper. The course will help
Brad Bredehoft
Jun 19

Out of Office - resend message after June 20

I am out of the office until June 20th and will not have access to email. In the interest of timeliness, please resend your message after that date. Thank
Laura Dierberg Ayers, Esq.
Jun 19

Photo releases

Did you know that in the State of Georgia it is ILLEGAL to take a photo of a child unless you are the child's legal guardian or have a photo releases signed by
Michelle Zupan
Jun 19

Next steps in the fight to #SavetheNEH | National Council on Public

Michelle Zupan
Jun 15

Free webinar on Crowdfunding

Our next webinar, So you Want to Run a Kickstarter Campaign? Lessons/Tips for Crowdfunding Your Project is running on Friday, June 16, 2:00-3:30 EDT. Join us!
Jun 14

Introduction to Heritage Interpretation online course begins July 3

Interpretation is the most powerful communication process any historic or heritage site has available to communicate its message(s) to visitors!It is in the
Brad Bredehoft
Jun 14

Re: Furnishing plans for colonial-era slave quarters

Dear Michael, Many thanks! I would love to visit Philipsburg and see what you've accomplished - especially the quarters you've created in the kitchen. The
Hillary Murtha
Jun 14

Advnced Interpretive Training Courses for managers, directors, curat

Heritage Interpretation Training Center Advanced Heritage Interpretation Courses for Managers, Directors, Curators, Supervisors andConsultants. TheHeritage
John Veverka
Jun 13

Re: driveway surfaces

Just a note on tar and chip: We used that method for our "sidewalk" to historic Surratt House for years. It worked very well, but we did have a problem with
Verge, Laurie
Jun 13

Re: driveway surfaces

Have you considered Tar & Chip? Less expensive and more attractive than blacktop. We used it at the Cincinnati Observatory and it has held up well for over 15
Craig Niemi
Jun 12

Re: driveway surfaces

I would suggest contacting historic St. Mary's City in Maryland. They use something called pigmented asphalt, and it looks great - don't know about cost and
Verge, Laurie
Jun 12

driveway surfaces

Hello "listers" - searching for a solution to our long drive to the parking lot. Currently it is gravel which is not suitable. The drive is approx. ½ mi. in
Marilynn Havelka
Jun 12
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