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2008 - ARTober FEST - dates?

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  • b brookshire
    thank you, Al, Yes, I ve got all your names listed as volunteers for next year. What we need by Jan. is a list of all the events that might conflict with the
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 8, 2007
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      thank you, Al,
      Yes, I've got all your names listed as volunteers for next year.

      What we need by Jan. is a list of all the events that might conflict with the event, including     
                         - Cameron Days ( always the 1st Sat in Oct. ),
                         - the Lee Co. fair,
                         - football games from the 2 public high schools; 
                         - "BIG" football games at the 3 big universities that may
                            keep people home watching them,
                         - member-guest golf game at Trace,
                         - anything going on in Chattam Co.,
                         - the weather predictions,
                         - the "no-scare fair" that is always the Sat. before or on Halloween.
                           I don't know if you've been to the "no scare fair" but it's a very
                           big event here.  All the children attend with parents, and all
                           the corp. people work at it.
                        - all the walk-a-thons around here ( there were 2 on Sat. ) - we need
                          them on the same day because so many people came from those
                          straight to the fair.
      We know the dates of the Cameron Days and the No-Scare Fair.  Now all we need to know is when the other events will occur.
      thanks again, beverly b
      PS:  by the way, we still need contributions to make our matching grant.  We will be glad to take any amount.
      AND, we need people to let us borrow their "easy up" tents and folding tables.

      Al Roethlisberger <al_roethlisberger@...> wrote:
      Hi Beverly,

      Apologies for the delayed response, but although I
      didn't get a chance to go down to the event, Denise
      dropped by and thought that everyone did a great job.

      We are very encouraged to continue seeing events of
      this type hosted in our downtown area, as it brings
      attention and interest to the core of our community.

      I echo Tammy's comments that especially for "downtown"
      residents like Rosemount-McIver Park, these sort of
      events are considered critical and invaluable for both
      downtown and the surrounding communities.

      I am certain that many residents would be interested
      in assisting next year, but we were simply unaware of
      the event this year before you posted the

      Perhaps in for future events, we can try to include
      these in our community HPC newsletters that we hope
      will begin to have a more regular schedule.

      My only observation/ comment is similar to Tammy's.
      Although scheduling events during these times of year
      are always fraught with conflict, I also suggest that
      if possible, it may make the event more successful if
      it didn't coincide with events like Cameron Days. I'm
      sure you are already aware of this, and it was
      mentioned by Tammy in her feedback, but I just thought
      I would also add my voice to that perspective.

      But overall, great job, and thank you from everyone
      for the hard work all of you put forth to bring this

      And many thanks to those in the community that gave
      time, resources, and funding to the event. It is
      always positive news when we hear local business and
      organizations supporting efforts like this.

      Hopefully next year will be even bigger and better,
      and we can get some of the folks in our neighborhood
      to help out as well.


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