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Re: [historic-sanford-nc] 404 N. Gulf - an introduction and an apology

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  • Al Roethlisberger
    Hi Emily, Welcome to the neighborhood! We re happy to hear you finally found a home in the community, and are always very excited to see families moving back
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 6, 2007
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      Hi Emily,

      Welcome to the neighborhood! We're happy to hear you
      finally found a home in the community, and are always
      very excited to see families moving back down into
      this area.

      As far as the history of your home, some of the best
      resources are your neighbors. We are lucky enough to
      still have many residents that have lived here their
      whole lives, and you likely have one or two nearby
      that could tell you much about your home.

      For general information, you can contact David
      Montgomery, the director for Downtown Sanford Inc and
      our Historic Preservation Commission. He can pull the
      original name/owner and erected date from the National
      Register inventory for you, and possibly tell you a
      few more things, especially if your home is in the
      Pezzoni(sp?) book.

      David Montgomery, AICP
      Executive Director
      Downtown Sanford, Inc.
      226 Carthage Street
      Sanford, NC 27330

      Ph: 919-775-8332
      E-Mail: downtown@...
      website: http://www.downtownsanford.com

      Hopefully that can get you started. The library also
      has all of Pezzoni's notes from when he surveyed the
      neighborhood for the district. So you can also go
      there to perhaps find some additional tidbits.

      Once you find out more, you may also be surprised to
      find surviving family members. We have, and that has
      been another great resource, and lots of fun.

      So, again, welcome to the neighborhood. And we all
      look forward to hearing more from you, and seeing your
      family in the community.

      Al & Denise
      318 Summitt Drive

      --- emilypage94 <edandempage@...> wrote:

      > I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and
      > introduce myself. My
      > name is Emily Page and my husband (Ed) and I just
      > moved into the
      > Duggan's old house at 404 N. Gulf. We looked at
      > another house on
      > Gulf when we first moved to Sanford seven years ago
      > but as first time
      > home buyers, we were not ready to buy a house that
      > needed extensive
      > work (including heating and air conditioning!). We
      > were thrilled to
      > find this house. The Duggan's did an incredible job
      > renovating and
      > we couldn't be happier in our new home. Our
      > daughter Hailey will be
      > five this month and our daughter Leah just turned
      > two. We also have
      > two beloved beagles, Copper and Daisy.
      > We don't know anything about the history of our
      > house, but would love
      > to know as much as we can. If anyone knows anything
      > or can tell us
      > where to look, please let me know!
      > As for the apology, some wonderful neighbor dropped
      > by on Memorial
      > Day and we did not answer the door. I am dreadfully
      > sorry for this.
      > Ed's parents were at our house and we heard the
      > doorbell but we
      > thought it was one of our girls playing with her
      > grandfather on the
      > porch because they love to turn the doorbell. My
      > father-in-law told
      > us later that it was not him and he saw someone
      > crossing the street.
      > If this was you, please know that we were not being
      > rude, just a
      > little dumb. Sorry!
      > We look forward to meeting all of you and being a
      > part of this
      > wonderful community!
      > Emily

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