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  • Al Roethlisberger
    We all know that there is a lot of emotion around the subject of the Historic Commission, our neighborhoods in general, and now this revived HOA effort. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2006
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      We all know that there is a lot of emotion around the subject of the
      Historic Commission, our neighborhoods in general, and now this
      revived HOA effort. In fact, I know that most of you are far more
      aware of it than Denise and I are, as we are so very new to the

      This is apparently the result of years of broken lines of
      communication, and the immaturity of the board and neighborhoods
      themselves as they have only existed for about 10 years at this point
      and have had, and undoubtedly will have, a lot of growing pains to
      work through.

      So it is understandable that once these subjects are uncorked, people
      are very emotive and sensitive. But I think that we all should try to
      remember that we are all neighbors that just want the best for our
      community, properties, and families. I really don't think, or at
      least hope, that anyone has a personal agenda.

      And I think we all have valuable opinions and ideas to offer
      regardless of our backgrounds.

      But with the nature of email, we lose much of the interpersonal social
      aspects that make face to face communication so complex and
      successful. So it is very easy to misunderstand someone or jump to

      I would ask that we all recognize this limitation of email and online
      communication and try to assume the best, take a deep breath, and/or
      just focus on what we can accomplish versus falling into the alluring
      trap of one-upmanship. Believe me, we've all gotten ourselves dragged
      into ever devolving email or online diatribes, myself included. It
      really is easy to have occur, and before one realizes, have spiral out
      of control into "real world" conflict, which is always unfortunate.

      So I'd like to simply suggest that we all recognize this limitation of
      online communication, and try to assume the best of our neighbors. On
      the flip side, I would also ask that anyone posting try to take a
      minute to let the post sink-in and review it before hitting "send".
      Although one may not have meant to sound caustic or offensive,
      sometimes a second read of a post to a hot button topic can prove
      valuable in avoiding misunderstandings.

      That being said, I don't want to discourage anyone from being
      themselves, speaking their minds, or offering an opinion. If we
      discourage an honest and open discourse, resources such as this board
      rapidly lose their value.

      I personally hope that this board continues to grow, more residents
      contribute, and we see more varied topics discussed. I agree that
      in-person communication is always better, but with all our busy lives,
      sometimes real-time communication isn't possible. That's where a
      forum like this has value, and can augment the face-to-face discourse.

      And I think that once we get some momentum with an HOA and/or improved
      relationships with the commission, we will see the this board grow and
      become just one of several useful resources for the residents.

      For those simply "lurking" and reading, please bear with us all as the
      neighborhoods come together. Just like any community effort, there
      will be fits, starts, and spasms, but I believe that if we work
      through them constructively, we can make a multitude of community
      efforts that will help improve our quality of life in the
      neighborhoods, and can be proud of.

      Many thanks to Mike for taking the initiative to make some business
      contacts to help get the HOA project off the ground and set some
      measureable milestones. This is a very positive step, and not only
      makes the effort more likely to succeed, but I think will also build
      morale as we can "check off" these accomplishments and the
      neighborhood can see progress.

      For those wishing to help Mike with the HOA effort, please get in
      contact with him at your earliest convenience. And please feel free
      to voice your opinion here, or in person once we have an in person
      meeting. Any HOA should represent what the residents want and find
      important, otherwise its existence is futile. So please feel free to
      get involved and guide its development.

      And please do post questions and suggestions on other topics that come
      to mind regarding our neighborhoods. I honestly believe we have a lot
      to share, and so much each resident can contribute to make our
      community all the richer.

      This neighborhood has by far been the most friendly and receptive that
      I have lived in, and I have moved quite a few times. So Denise and I
      are very excited to work with everyone to make this place our home and
      help improve the community.

      So we look forward to everything all the residents can contribute, and
      we hope this board will be one venue that can help continue to bring
      everyone together.

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