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"Our Cultural Landscape" Presentation, 7pm, October 28th Southern Pines

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    Our Cultural Landscape Presentation by Charles Birnbaum 7pm, October 28th Southern Pines, Sunrise Theater
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      "Our Cultural Landscape" Presentation by Charles Birnbaum

      7pm, October 28th Southern Pines, Sunrise Theater



      When a design is successful how long is it worth keeping? When the design is a landscape of historical significance, why should we care? Understanding the value of where we live will be the subject of a new program titled, "Our Cultural Landscape" to be held in the Fall of 2009. Presented by The Classical Design Foundation, this event brings together two nationally-acclaimed experts to help celebrate the blend of natural and manmade beauty that defines the uniquely characteristic look of Southern Pines, North Carolina.

      Charles Birnbaum, founder and president of the Cultural Landscape Foundation in Washington, DC, will deliver an illustrated talk about the identity of the Weymouth Heights area and its influence over the surrounding setting of historic Southern Pines. Recognized for his groundbreaking achievements in preserving endangered landscapes throughout the United States, Mr. Birnbaum will turn his attention to this region of the Sandhills. His presentation will take place at the Sunrise Theater on the evening of October 28th at 7 o'clock. Admission is free.

      Please also see the flier uploaded to the "files" section.
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