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Sanford's Baseball History

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  • Al Roethlisberger
    I know this isn t news to any long-time Sanford natives, and may not even be news to many newcomers, but were you aware that Sanford had a successful minor
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2008
      I know this isn't news to any long-time Sanford natives, and may not even be news to many newcomers, but were you aware that Sanford had a successful minor league baseball team in the early 20th century?

      Well, we did, and they were the Sanford Spinners.

      We had our own baseball park, which still exists in East Sanford, and the team was the pride and joy of the city.

      The team was owned by the Isenhour family, although there may have been other investors that I am unaware of. I even have a photocopy of a "season pass" from Ms. Sarah Isenhour(Buchanan) that her father provided for her in the 1940s.

      There isn't a lot of information online, although there probably is a great deal available at the library if one is interested.

      However, here is some basic information on the league and teams of the era:




      Now, if anyone knows me, you'll know that I'm not really a sports fan... especially of baseball. My apologies to the baseball aficionados out there, but we all have our own predilections after all :) But I could probably get somewhat excited about a Sanford sports team in any form.

      However, I recently heard an interview on the radio talking about how successful minor league ball has become again, even faring better in many ways(financials, attendance, etc) than major league ball. And of course, the communities that support minor league teams benefit from that success, as well as having a point of pride.

      With that in mind, I thought: "Well, Sanford is geographically ideal to host a minor league team being central to several larger metro areas, we have a field already, we actually USED to have a team, and wouldn't that just be a great feather in the cap to have a team to boost morale and civic pride?"

      But alas, I don't have the small fortune or passion it would take to restart minor league baseball in Sanford. So it would be up to someone else, or a group of "someone else-s". But I think it would be a great idea to consider for someone, or a group of folks with the where-with-all to do so.

      Wouldn't it be grand to have our own team to cheer on, and represent Sanford? With projects like the Second Century(www.secondcentury.org) putting together efforts to market and brand Sanford to the outside world, this might be yet another opportunity to get the word out that Sanford is ripe for investment.

      ....something to think about.

      And if nothing else, it certainly would be nice to perhaps see a retrospective of the history of Sanford's baseball team, in the newspaper, and a museum. We ought to at least get a plaque erected at the old field.

      It's an interesting part of Sanford's past, that who knows, could be part of its future again.

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