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Re: [historic-sanford-nc] car repair

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  • Al Roethlisberger
    Oh my goodness, that is awful, and I m very sorry to hear about this. I don t know NC law, but in some states, there is law to protect the consumer from this
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 16, 2008
      Oh my goodness, that is awful, and I'm very sorry to
      hear about this.

      I don't know NC law, but in some states, there is law
      to protect the consumer from this very problem where
      shops misrepresent repair estimates and hold consumers

      In some states the shop can not legally begin to work
      until a written estimate and work order has been
      prepared and signed by both parties. This of course
      protects the shop and customer.

      You may want to check with an attorney, or perhaps one
      of our neighbors on this list is an attorney, and can
      offer some advice.

      I'm very sorry to hear that this happened April.

      We could always get folks together to picket the shop,
      have the community call and let them know how we feel,
      or run a couple full page Herald ads =P

      We've got a similar problem with a stove vendor out of
      Kansas that has dragged on for a year, and are about
      to file with the Kansas Attorney General's office by
      the end of the month if there is no resolution. And
      the same vendor has treated many other customers

      Considering how hard it often is for small businesses
      to survive and prosper, it befuddles me how these
      businesses can treat their customers so badly and do
      such poor work... and remain in business.

      Perhaps it is our duty to stand up and push back to
      protect others. I'm already pretty steamed about our
      stove saga, so maybe this offers an opportunity to
      "vent" *laugh*

      I'm going to have to think on this...


      --- amonty5 <amontgomery@...> wrote:

      > As some of you know, we have had quite the saga with
      > repairing our
      > Volvo wagon. I've gone back and forth about sharing
      > the story on
      > this message board, but since so many people have
      > said "I'm not
      > surprised that's been your experience there" I've
      > decided to do so.
      > Long story short, we took (towed) our car to the
      > Foreign Exchange on
      > December 6th after it died on the side of the road.
      > After a week of
      > diagnosis, we agreed to have the car repaired for a
      > sizeable amount,
      > because it was our only car at the time. We were
      > told that the
      > repair would take about a week. We waited a month
      > and the car was
      > still parked out on the lot, unrepaired, and they
      > were asking for
      > more money.
      > When we told the shop we wanted to take the car
      > elsewhere (where it
      > might actuallly get fixed in a timely manner) we
      > were told we could
      > do so when we paid the bill. After that statement,
      > the shop owner
      > hung up on us. Mind you, we had no bill, nor a
      > written estimate of
      > repairs and had already given them a deposit. I
      > went to the shop and
      > asked for the bill and was told I could "sit here
      > all night, you will
      > not have a bill."
      > The end result of all this is that we've paid
      > thousands of dollars to
      > the Foreign Exchange to take possession of a car
      > that does not run.
      > A large part of the engine is in a box in the back.
      > The cost for
      > having it put back together well exceeds the value
      > of the car.
      > The purpose of my post is not about the money -
      > although that part
      > does really hurt - my purpose is in sharing the way
      > we were treated.
      > This is still a small town and word of mouth does a
      > lot. I don't
      > wish what happened to us on anyone.
      > Yuk!

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