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Happy 2008!! Group E-Mail Settings Modified

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  • Al Roethlisberger
    To all of our neighbors and Historic Sanford Yahoo Group members, welcome to 2008, and the beginning our our Yahoo Group s second full calendar year!! With all
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2008
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      To all of our neighbors and Historic Sanford Yahoo Group members,
      welcome to 2008, and the beginning our our Yahoo Group's second full
      calendar year!!

      With all of the great accomplishments of this last year, 2008 promises
      to be even more exciting and inspiring for Sanford's historic districts.

      Our community had our first National Night Out in Rosemount-McIver
      Park(RMP), which according to many accounts was one of the best and
      most attended in the Sanford area. Other activities in 2007 such as
      the 9/11 cookout for city and county employees, progressive dinner,
      and Sanford City Council candidate neighborhood forum all brought
      neighbors together and increased civic visibility for our community as

      And although we were unable to light the planned neighborhood
      luminaries this year due to the drought conditions, we closed out 2006
      and heralded 2007 with a neighborhood wide display that undoubtedly
      inspired many that passed through.

      2006-2007 also brought many new faces to our Historic Preservation
      Commission(HPC), which is now entirely made up of local residents.
      And the HPC engaged with local residents to create three ad-hoc
      committees focusing on HPC Guideline Revisions&Updates(The first time
      since they were created in 1997!), Neighborhood Safety&Security(And
      the start of a RMP neighborhood watch program.), and a Marketing &
      Communications committee which produces the quarterly HPC newsletter.

      More info on the HPC can be found here:


      And we've seen many new families move into the area and several homes
      undergo renovations over the last year that promise to continue the
      positive trend our neighborhoods and downtown have been experiencing
      for the last few years.

      So, toward that ongoing effort and to reinvigorate another tool in our
      community's arsenal of resources; for the turn of the new year we have
      elected to reset all the members of this Yahoo Group's email settings
      to "receive individual emails".

      This setting is not permanent, and any member is still welcome to take
      just a moment to reset their email delivery settings to "Daily Digest"
      or "No Email" if they prefer.

      But this annual change is simply meant to reintroduce the group to
      those that may not have checked in for a while, or for those that
      never realized the value this community group can provide if more
      members participate.

      As we mentioned when this group was first created, the real value of a
      community resource like this is when more people participate, share
      ideas, and learn from each other.

      So please feel free to start the new year by asking questions, posting
      announcements, opinions, etc... all about our communities, historic
      preservation, local government, events, and whatever you would like to

      As the current volume of this group is relatively low, one may even
      find receiving a few emails over a week from the group fun and

      We've had some great successes in 2007, and with increased use of this
      group, we have one more tool to make 2008 even better.

      However, if you would like to limit the volume or frequency of email
      sent directly to your email address, you can edit your membership
      settings to change email delivery frequency or eliminate them all

      You can manage those settings here:


      So, thank you for a great 2007, and we hope that 2008 will be even
      more exciting... filled even with more noteworthy events and
      accomplishments for our historic districts!

      Al & Denise
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