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  • Al
    Mar 12, 2006
      Welcome to the new Historic Sanford, NC discussion group!

      I created this group because I was unable to find any active
      discussion forum online for the Sanford, NC area.

      If I simply missed one though, please let us know here!

      However, if this is the first of its kind, please feel free to discuss
      topics and issues relating to Sanford and surrounding Lee County, NC.

      At my prior residence in San Jose, CA, we had a community forum on
      Yahoo, and it proved to be a great way to meet one's neighbors and
      solve problems, raise awareness, or brainstorm great new ideas for the

      So, welcome, and please contribute.

      Be patient, as it will probably take some time for people to find this
      forum, but hopefully it will grow as the word spreads.