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  • historic-sanford-nc@yahoogroups.com
    Oct 2, 2010
      The following historic-sanford-nc poll is now closed. Here are the
      final results:

      POLL QUESTION: Is it time to retire our Yahoo Group? After a little over 4 years, it seems our Historic Sanford NC Yahoo Group has dwindled to about one post every three months, with no ongoing discussions. The only regular posts are automated calendar entries for events such as the HPC meeting. We've got some useful information in the files section which I can archive elsewhere, but even some of that is now dated. Although resources like Facebook can be just as temporal(think MySpace), maybe it's time to migrate to that platform. Feel free to vote and comment.

      - Retire the Yahoo Group entirely., 0 votes, 0.00%
      - Retire the Yahoo Group, but move to Facebook., 4 votes, 80.00%
      - Keep the group going on Yahoo., 1 votes, 20.00%

      - Retire the Yahoo Group entirely.
      - Retire the Yahoo Group, but move to Facebook.
      - africaquilter@...
      - judithdackerman@...
      - lexibug8@...
      - bgould72@...
      - Keep the group going on Yahoo.
      - kidsnut@...

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