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1807Re: [historic-sanford-nc] Rosemount McIver Neighborhood Watch

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  • Al Roethlisberger
    Sep 3, 2010

      Absolutely Brian!

      Hopefully others will discover, or re-discover, this group as just another resource in the crime prevention toolkit.... and as a way to connect with their neighbors.

      Although I missed the opportunity to some degree last night given the great turnout, I think I'll print out some fliers for the Yahoo Group to give Kathy for next month's meeting.

      I've also considered either retiring this group and/or creating a Facebook version given that most people seem to be using Yahoo Groups less these days and usage has basically dropped to zero over the last year.  I haven't decided yet.

      BTW, did you see that we had about 4 cruisers and several under-covers dispatching from Dixon Hughes at about 11pm last night? 

      Denise and several other neighbors were visiting across the street and noticed some of the same suspicious guys we've all talked about riding through the neighborhood again and so they called SPD.   Then some time later another neighbor called and said they thought someone was trying to break into their home.   At that point we had the neighborhood crawling with SPD, which is great news.  I don't think they actually caught anyone last night, but the response was much appreciated.

      We'll all have to keep up the good work of keeping our eyes open and making ourselves visible to those that aren't here to do good work.

      Thanks again for coming and offering your thoughts and experiences.


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      Good to see so many of my neighbors turn out tonight. We are all in this together! Looking forward to getting to know you all better in the near future!

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