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14Read for Wednesday

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  • Carlos Contreras
    May 8, 2006
      Hello class,

      Here is the info. you should have read by the time I see you guys on
      Wednesday (I've clipped it from your syllabus):

      Neoliberalism, NAFTA, Globalization and the Remaking of North America
      Reading: Chasteen, ch. 10 "Neoliberalism"
      Chasteen and Wood: pp. 301-303 "Globalization"
      pp. 312-315 "NAFTA and the US Economy"

      We're going to go ahead and start this film (clipped below) so you
      should start reading the accompanying readings as well:

      Brokers, Bullets and CNN: Zapatistas Rebel against NAFTA and
      Film: "The Sixth Sun" (MV# at LRC) and clips from Rage Against the
      Machine's concert in Mexico City
      Readings: Chasteen and Wood: pp. 315-317 "First Declaration from the
      Lacandón Jungle
      pp. 307-312 "What Photos Would You Take of the Endless
      pp. 318-322 "The Fiesta of the World"

      We had a great class today! Bring your enthusiasm with you on
      Wednesday (and your "Caballo Negro") so we can finish off with a