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6Class Notes

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  • moreen n
    Feb 21, 2009
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      Hi classmates. :)

      I was wondering if any of you could lend me your notes for this class,
      especially those on Sir's discussions. I was absent during the most
      part of this sem's beginning, so I missed out on a lot. =/ I've
      already made my own notes based on research, but it's quite hard to
      ground them and classify them according to themes. Your notes will
      really help :D Bale ang gagawin ko sa notes na ipahihiram sa'kin, I
      will either have them photocopied or I'll just copy them by hand.

      To anyone who's willing to lend his/her notes, just reply to me at
      this email address and/or text me at 09289930888. Willing akong
      puntahan pa sa bahay ng may-ari yung notes tapos ibalik din don
      pagkatapos ko makopya, kung sakali, hehe. Ideally, tomorrow would be a
      great time to have that accomplished. Basta depende na lang siguro sa
      usapan. :)

      Thank you! Hoping for your consideration. :)


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