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4799French Quarter Stop and Frisk

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  • Douglas Duckworth
    Jul 14, 2014

    We are all concerned about NOLA gun violence yet racist policing will
    not reduce crime. If you were unaware Louisiana has the highest rate
    of gun death in our nation because our legislature flooded NOLA
    streets with NRA guns. Address mass shootings through laws that limit
    access to guns.




    Lobby Baton Rouge for the ability to once again pass local gun
    control. Implementing ineffective and racist Stop and Frisk policies
    will only further exacerbate racial divisions within our bifurcated
    city. Are we living in America - where we presume innocence before
    guilt? Or do we prejudge based upon appearance?

    Evident in DOJ investigations and the subsequent Consent Decree, our
    NOPD has a long history of misconduct, profiling, and brutality.
    After New York Voters and courts rejected ineffective Stop and Frisk,
    I am disturbed to hear your organization advocate for such failed
    policies. New York's Attorney General found in the attached report

    "...approximately half of SQF arrests did not lead to a conviction;
    stop and frisk led to few convictions for violence or gun-related
    crimes, with trespass, disorderly conduct, and other relatively minor
    crimes and violations constituting the majority of charges at
    conviction; and stop and frisk rarely led to the imposition of a jail
    or prison sentence. Moreover, these findings suggest that stop and
    frisk imposes significant costs and burdens on prosecutors and the
    court system as a whole."

    We all have the right to be in the French Quarter regardless of race,
    class, gender, creed, or sexual orientation. If you enact Stop and
    Frisk I will boycott all French Quarter businesses and urge my friends
    to do the same. Those of us who believe in the importance of
    freely-accessible public space - unfettered by private interests -
    will fight these reactionary proposals!

    Reduce NOLA violence through gun control and another war on poverty.


    Douglas Charles Duckworth
    MSc Urban Planning
    Linux BOFH
    1924 St. Philip
    NOLA, 70116
    T: treme_lakeside
    P: 504-428-5771