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461612/26/2014 - St. Peter Claver Shooting - Crimemapping

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  • Douglas Duckworth
    Jan 28, 2014
      Good Afternoon,

      Do you know how crimemapping.comhttp://www.nola.gov/nopd/crime-data/crime-maps/ ] gets data from NOPD?

      The Sunday 12/26/2014 shooting which occurred at approximately 9:30PM outside St. Peter Claver School does not appear on the map.  Multiple neighbors called 911, the police showed up, and someone at the 1st District told me yesterday that two arrests were made. I have audio of an officer at the 1st District saying two people were arrested.

      I did not get names of officers who were on the scene.  Three cars were here Sunday night until at least 11PM when I went to bed.  They told me three different calibers were used in the shooting. 21 shell casings were found at intersection of N. Prieur and Saint Philip.  Several cars were hit and suffered broken windows.  This was less than 100 feet from my front door.  That Sunday afternoon two children were at my place celebrating a birthday.  

      Two other shootings were reported yesterday in the area.  St. Peter Claver School actually went into lockdown while I was visiting the 1st District.  Details here from ProjectNOLA:

      When will all of this information be shown online?  

      Why have no media outlets reported these shootings?  

      Given the mayoral election, where crime might be the most contentious topic, it seems reporting could be warranted?  

      How can we trust violent crime statistics when no record of these events can be found?

      Several of my neighbors are concerned about increasing crime in our neighborhood.  On July 31st of last year my 2-month-old scooter was stolen from the front of my house during my lunch break.  I previously felt safe given we have cameras on our street.  However, apparently they are not operational as I was told funding was not allocated from the City Budget.  Are these cameras in fact working?  If not how can we get them up and running?  I work in Information Technology and would volunteer my time towards that outcome.  

      The scooter was recovered without NOPD assistance three weeks ago at the corner of N. Galvez and Orleans Avenue.   Hopefully we will see the NOPD build confidence by working with Treme residents to prevent further violence.  Collaboration requires accurate information sharing.  


      Douglas Charles Duckworth
      Masters of Science - Urban Planning
      1924 Saint Philip 70116
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