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[hfnhl] Rookie Report:Calder Race is ON!!!!

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    [This was due on Sunday night, but will be posted on the site tonight] Welcome back to the Rookie Report, here joining us today will be Francois The F-Man
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 1999
      [This was due on Sunday night, but will be posted on the site tonight]

      Welcome back to the Rookie Report, here joining us today will be
      Francois "The F-Man" Baker. Dirk Dawson has left indefinitely and is
      only available on Fridays to do the fight reports!! Last week we
      reviewed each teams prospects and which teams were doing good. This
      week we will focus strictly on the Calder Race, and who seems to be in
      the hunt to snatch up this elite trophy. Their are some good rookies
      playing but we will see below who is in the lead and who may falter come
      the rest of the season. J-Rock couldn't make it to the office today, so
      Lets go to the "F-Man"

      F-Man: Welcome everybody, the breaking news around the HFNHL is that the
      HFNHL SportsCenter will be starting up within the next 3 days, and I
      will be the lead broadcaster. Corporate Giant Mr. Taylor seems to have
      offered me a 6 figure contract to be the lead host, and I bargained it
      up to low 7 figures for my services. With me I bring loads of
      experience to the table, and I will make it the #1 source for HFNHL
      news. Now that we have that out of the way, on to our analysis of the

      GP G A P +/- PIM
      1.Bill Muckalt (VAN) 24 9 21 30 22 12
      Muckalt is playing some absolutely LOVELY hockey. Averaging well
      over 1 point a game, this kid is superb. How can you not rank him #1,
      when he gets his name at #10 in the league in assists. A point getting
      machine, he is a BTP'er (Big Time Player) baby!!!!! Also of note for
      Mucaklt is his +22, second overall in the HFNHL. WOW!!!!!

      2.Mike Maneluk (CHI) 14 4 7 11 -1 26
      Granted he has played only 14 but is putting up points similar to
      that of Muckalt. Not as effective but also he doesn't play on the top
      team in the HFNHL.

      3.Mark Parrish (SJS) 25 5 9 14 1 16
      Traded by Florida and is having a superb year. He will be even
      more effective next year. I don't see him catching Muckalt, but with
      the Sharks playing him on both lines #2, and #3, he is getting some
      added ice time. Also be weary of him getting fatigued as the year wears

      4.Tom Poti (EDM) 29 4 6 10 4 65
      I like Poti more than a lot and this week he comes in ranked #4 for
      the Calder hunt. His 65 PIM's are impressive, and his 10 points are the
      most amongst rookie defenseman. Surprising a lot of people this year,
      and should be in the Calder hunt if Muckalt slows down. If not, lets
      give the Calder to Muckalt right now.

      5.Marian Hossa (MTL) 26 3 11 14 -3 10
      A brilliant future lies ahead for Mr. Hossa. But a Calder trophy
      this year?? Sorry i don't see it happening. Inconsistent first 26
      games for him, but paired with Mr. Damphousse he could prove me wrong.
      He has solid linemates and may prove to sneak up and try and catch
      Muckalt as the season progresses.

      6.Oleg Kvasha (FLA) 13 3 2 5 2 23
      Some may not agree here, but Kvasha only has 13 games under hs belt
      and look for him to be paired with Selanne and rack up big points. by
      the end of the season I expect him to be amongst the top 3 to 5 in
      points amongst all rookies. Keep an eye out for him!!

      7.Tomas Kaberle (NYR) 28 2 7 9 8 24
      A highly touted D-man is producing as expected in his first full
      year in the HFNHL. He is the second most productive rookie D-man and is
      making a name for himself quick amongst his peers. He holds a +8, 9
      points and 24 PIM. Solid figures for a rookie D-man. I don't see him
      catching Poti this year as he is stuck on the 3rd line in NY.

      8.J Nielsen (ANA) 22 6 1 7 0 12
      Haven't had a chance to catch an Anaheim gam yet this year, but
      when I do I will keep my eye on Mr. Nielsen. Seems to be an intriguing

      9.Marty Reasoner (STL) 26 5 2 7 -1 4
      Very impressive numbers for this young kid who doesn't see the ice a
      whole lot for St. Louis. He is currently listed as the #4 center on
      their depth chart, and may move up if he continues to produce.

      10.Lubos Bartecko (STL) 18 1 5 6 -2 7
      He is the second Blues to make this list and he could easily be top
      5 within the next 20 games. He is paired with Turgeon in the middle,
      and Al MacInnis on the first line, so it is only a matter of time before
      he starts putting up some big point totals. My sleeper along with
      Kvasha to move up big time......

      F-Man: There you have it, an in-depth look at the Calder Trophy Race.
      What?? It is 2:59 and we got 1 minute left of air time. So for all my
      F-Man fans out there, look for me at a HFNHL Sportscenter near you. So
      long, from the mansions on the East Side. ---------THE

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