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5743Finances Slider Fail - Top-Up Coming

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  • hfsimgod
    Feb 13, 2014
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      This was posted on the boards as well. If you have any questions please post them there...

      This season saw many changes to our rules, both financial and otherwise. One of the financial changes covered in the Times They Are a Changin' - HFNHL Edition thread above was this:

      1. We are going to increase the revenue slider in the SIM to average. The average revenue level should sit at $52 million.

      Testing before the season began had revenue pretty close to that as a league, but as we got into our actual season, the Sim produced different results. We've since increased the slider a couple times to attempt to correct this issue but we're still falling short of our target average revenue of $52M. As it stands now not one team projects to earn $52M. That may change as our last slider increase a month or two ago slowly pushes averages up, but even as the averages climb bit-by-bit, we're going to fall well short as a league average.

      To help us get closer to our target every team in the league will receive a one time top-up of $3.5M. Based on the math we've done this will get us much closer to our desired target without going overboard. This top-up will come when games are run tonight.

      Next season the revenue target will climb with the cap and we will continue to monitor and adjust the slider to keep the league financially healthy in a world where the cap is set to climb drastically.