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  • wiger_33
    Jan 2 11:40 AM

      We've decided to make our cap match the NHL's for next season, which is slated to be around the 71 million mark. When we get the exact number (when the NHL releases it), we'll simply match it.

      This is a change from previous years where we've been a year behind the cap changes in the NHL. But with our salaries being tied to NHL contracts, it only makes sense to do this (from the perspective of your admin team).

      In addition to the cap increasing to the 71 million mark (again a rough estimate, we'll have to wait for the exact NHL number), the salary floor will be increased to 45 million.

      This announcement gives you plenty of time to prepare for this, and also gives you a chance to decide whether you plan on resigning certain free agents prior to the deadline.

      Your Commish and & the Admin team