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  • hfsimgod
    Dec 11, 2013

      By now you should have received an email invite to a new shared Dropbox folder that we will use for our lines submissions going forward. If you didn't get this invite let me know where you want it sent and I'll email again.

      Below are the details from the invite...




      I'm tired of dealing with the issues since Yahoo was updated so we're going to switch to using Dropbox for all lines submissions. I didn't exactly clear this with Brock (sorry Commish!!) but if all goes well we can transition more of our stuff here as well. For lines at least it will be much easier to manage on my end and is a long overdue change.

      If you don't have a Dropbox account already please create one ASAP and start using this folder to upload your lines. I will no longer be checking Yahoo from this point forward. Position changes can be emailed directly to hfsimgod@....

      If you have any issues with the setup let me know. You can email your lines files to hfsimgod@... in the short term while we figure them out.


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