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57052013-14 Ratings Challenges

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  • canuck09ca
    Oct 15, 2013
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      For those that haven't checked the boards yet you missed this...


      Here's a reminder on how the system works. One Ratings Challenge marker will serve as the person you will send your challenges into. He will then rebuttal your challenge. Both your challenge and his rebuttal will then be sent to the Final judge who will look at the evidence from both sides and make a ruling based on this, with the process working more like an actual court room judgment. We've developed this process in order to make the ratings challenge ruling slightly more consistent and more democratic. This year we have three Ratings Challenge markers and one Final judge that will rule on every challenge except his own.

      So here are your instructions:

      Each team is going to get a maximum of 6 ratings challenges on a maximum of 5 players. OV can not be challenged, except for goaltenders. Goaltender ratings will be challenged by OV only (basically you would suggest an overall percentage increase of all ratings or which OV rating or goalie your goalie should rate like).

      Please make sure your ratings challenges are well researched and worthwhile. A successful ratings challenge is likely to be built around stats or scouting reports.

      Your ratings challenge submission format should appear as follows"

      Email Title: "HFNHL Ratings Challenge - Team Name"

      1. Player Name
      2. Rating being challenged
      3. Current Rating
      4. Suggested Rating
      5. Reasoning or Argument for challenge (aka your proof)

      The submission deadline for these challenges is going to be Saturday, October 19th at 11:59pm PST.

      Please see the below list to figure out who you will be sending your challenges to.

      Would the following teams Group A send their ratings challenges to Jeff Kirk at canuck09ca@...:

      Anaheim Ducks
      Chicago Blackhawks
      Colorado Avalanche
      Columbus Blue Jackets
      Detroit Red Wings
      Los Angeles Kings
      Nashville Predators
      Pittsburgh Penguins
      San Jose Sharks
      St. Louis Blues

      Would the following teams Group B send their ratings challenges to Robb Doduck at hfpitgm@...:

      Calgary Flames
      Carolina Hurricanes
      Dallas Stars
      Edmonton Oilers
      Minnesota Wild
      Philadelphia Flyers
      Phoenix Coyotes
      Tampa Bay Lightning
      Vancouver Canucks
      Washington Capitals

      Would the following teams Group C send their ratings challenges to Ville Isopaa at hfnhlcolorado@...:

      Boston Bruins
      Buffalo Sabres
      Florida Panthers
      Montreal Canadiens
      New Jersey Devils
      New York Islanders
      New York Rangers
      Ottawa Senators
      Toronto Maple Leafs
      Winnipeg Jets

      Once again, Brock will be the Final judge for all teams except his own, which I (Jeff) will take care of.

      Once challenges are completed and final judgements are made we will begin our pre-season within a few days afterwards.