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56962013 HFNHL Cap Compliance Buyouts (URGENT)

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  • wiger_33
    Jul 28 10:51 AM
      Coinciding with the announcement of our new Salary Cap system for 2013, we will be offering you the option of a one time chance to buy-out players from your roster in order to be cap compliant.

      Here's how it will work...

      You will get the opportunity to buyout a MAXIMUM of two players from your roster. ONE of which will be at a discount of 50% of his annual salary. The other will follow the normal buyout penalties (100% of his annual salary).

      As an example, if my Panthers chose to buyout Mike Richards and Raffi Torres, I would have to pay $2,875,000 for Richards' buyout (half his annual salary of $5,750,000) and $2,500,000 for Torres' buyout (100% of his annual salary).

      You can choose to buy out one player (at 50%), two players (at 50% and 100%) or no one. The choice is yours.

      General Managers, you have until Wednesday, July 31 at 11:59PM to send me your buyouts at wiger_33@...