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5695The NEW HFNHL Salary Cap - URGENT INFO

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  • wiger_33
    Jul 28, 2013
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      After much deliberation, blood, sweat, and tears, your admin team has determined how the new (and improved) salary cap format for the HFNHL.

      Below is the information you need.

      Salary Cap
      Along with the introduction of the new Cap Floor (40,000,000), we're changing how our Salary Cap is measured throughout the season. We will be moving away from the manual 3 checkpoint system and using an option within the Sim that's very similar, yet entirely automated and accurate to the day. Within the Sim this method is called the "Complex Calculation Based on Year 1 Salary" and is based around how the NHL calculates it's Salary Cap.

      In short, this Sim based method works similar to the 3 checkpoint system in that it's a running average of Pro Payroll spent over the season. If you are below the Cap throughout the season you will have extra Cap space to use towards the end of the season, just like the previous system. A couple key differences are that your Cap figure is the total of all players on your Pro Roster (not just top 21 OV) and that you can't be projected to be over the Cap at any point in the season, whether it to be to start, or for 2 days around the trade deadline.

      Example using a $64.3M Salary Cap: You start the season with a $60M Pro Payroll and it remains at that level until the half way point when you decide to make some trades. Because the Salary Cap is broken down as a daily average used, at that point you will have used $30M of your $64.3M Cap space. This means you have $34.3M of Cap space remaining ($64.3M - $30M spent YTD) for the second half of the season, and that you could increase your Pro Payroll to $68.6M.

      To help keep track of your Salary Cap total the Finance page will have a number of extra lines added and a summary table for the entire league at the bottom of the page. The key items you'll want to pay attention to are:

      Pro Players Total Salaries: the total of your Pro payroll at that time
      Pro Salary Cap to Date: how much of your Salary Cap you've spent YTD
      Estimated Season Salary Cap: your Pro Salary Cap to Date amount combined with the Salary Remaining amount for each player on your Pro roster

      Injuries: Injured players contracts will not count towards your daily Salary Cap calculation for as long as they're injured (94 CON or below) to allow call-ups to take their spot without causing Cap issues. As soon as the injured player is healthy (95 CON or above) he will start counting towards your Salary Cap again. It is recommended to allow yourself some breathing room under the Cap to allow for timing differences of when a player comes back from injury and you have an extra player called up to take his place. It could be wise to plan your Cap total based on carrying 22 or 23 players on your Pro Payroll rather than the roster minimum of 20.

      Salary Cap Violations: It is your job as a GM to manage this carefully throughout the season. Due to the fact you can never project to be over the Cap at any point of a season it may not be wise to spend right to it early on. During the season if a team projects to be above the Cap Ceiling or below the Cap Floor SimGod will receive an error when trying to sim. At this point the following will happen:

      1st offense: $250,000 fine (and verbal lashing)
      2nd offense: $1,000,000 fine
      3rd offense: $1,000,000 fine & Subject to Draft pick penalties according to how far over the cap you are projected (see below chart)

      $0-1 million: a 4th round draft pick
      $1-2 million: a 3rd round draft pick
      $2-3 million: a 2nd round draft pick
      $3-4 million: a 1st round draft pick
      $4-5 million: a 1st & 3rd round draft pick
      $5-7.5 million: a 1st & 2nd round draft pick
      $7.5-10 million: two 1st round draft picks

      One-way Contracts
      As a method of preventing Salary Cap circumvention we are giving out One-way Contracts. A One-way Contract means that a player will be paid their full salary whether on the Pro or Farm roster. Any player making $2M or more (this number may be reviewed and changed at a future date) will be granted a One-way Contract automatically.

      If a player with a One-way Contract is sent to the Farm he will no longer count against your Salary Cap total (regardless of his OV), however, he will be payed his full contract value.

      Example: Jamie Langenbrunner has a contract that pays $4M. If sent to the Farm, Langenbrunner no longer counts against the Lightning Salary Cap, but will be paid his full $4M salary out of the Lightning Bank, not $400k (10%) as it used to be.

      Regular waiver rules will still apply, the only change here is how much players are paid while being kept on your Farm roster. This is very important to keep in mind when offering contracts to UDFA, and FA's in general, as you can no longer hide from larger contracts handed out to players who will not contribute. Carrying One-way Contracts in the Farm will be a very risky move and could quickly lead to bankruptcy if not managed closely.

      That is all gentleman and best of luck during the upcoming HFNHL season (aka keep track of your cap)!