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56922013 Prospect Releases and Buyouts

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  • wiger_33
    Jun 27 6:04 PM

      It is that time of year to trim the unwanted and the undesirable.

      Time to forget that 1st round bust and cast him forever onto the heap of regret.

      Remember that 7th round pick that stabbed his girlfriend/coach/flight attendant and is rotting away in a prison camp in Siberia, you remember, the guy who was supposed to be the next Jeff Skinner? Throw him under the bus.

      Ah yes. Then there was all that bragging over winning a free agency auction against that hated GM from New York.. well, its time to fess up and admit paying 5 million for a 13th forward just wasn't a good idea. Buy his *** out. Just remember that you will ante up one year's worth of salary for the buyout.

      So send me your lists to wiger_33@.... Deadline is Friday, July 5. Make sure to separate buyouts and prospect releases. Also make sure to include the salary number for the buyout.

      Send me your trash!
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