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7471Re: [heyu_users] Strange Arm/disarm behavior with KR19a

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  • Ed Dippold
    Jun 10, 2014
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      As always, you need to include a bit more info. What are the script lines in your x10.conf file for C1 and C2?

      Also, I would recommend a W800RF32 or an RFXCOM attached to your server to pick RF signals. Either receiver has a much greater reception range than the TM751/RR501's and you have some software control in x10.conf for them.

      Personally, I use a KR10A to arm/disarm my security system. My KR10A is set up as HU F5 and my x10.conf script lines are:

      SCRIPT F5 changed arm rcva :: echo "Security system is armed." | festival --tts --batch
      SCRIPT F5 changed disarm rcva :: echo "Security system is disarmed." | festival --tts --batch

      FYI: festival is a speech synthesis program which converts text into a female voice so I know that my server got the "message" so to speak.

      Edwin Dippold
      A+, Network+, Server+, Linux+.

      On Tue, 6/10/14, bill williams uniquelogin2000@... [heyu_users] <heyu_users@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Subject: [heyu_users] Strange Arm/disarm behavior with KR19a
      To: "heyu_users@yahoogroups.com" <heyu_users@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 11:33 AM

      Hi all:
      Am running Heyu 2.8 under ubuntu server.  All seems to
      work well except disarming the alarm with the
      have one TM751 to connect with the KR19, and two RR105s (1st
      floor and 2nd floor) to interface with various palm pads and
      MS14a (have 4 of them).  I have an arm and disarm
      script in x10config - straight forward, if C1 on, set arm
      away flag, if C2 on, set arm home flag, if C1 or C2 off,
      disarm, clear arm flag.I also have
      them chime on any arm or disarm, as well as send a txt msg
      to my cell and log event to my personal event file.

      is, when I disarm (C1 or C2 off) after arming, sometimes the
      disarm seems to be missed....looking at the logs, the disarm
      signal is recognized but there seems to be a noticable
      lag/never responds to disarm by ringing the chime. 
      suggestions on how to track down the timing issue and find
      out where the delay is? 

      info...I have a ms14 that looks at the doorway where the
      kr19 is located....I suspected that the ms14 sees me reach
      for the kr19, and launches the alarm script before the
      disarm is received. Looking at the logs, sometimes this is
      true but not always. 
      Does heyu
      queue incoming events and then processes them of the queue?

      ms14 alarm on script does: ring chime, turn all light on,
      send email to my account, send txt message to phone, write
      event to my personal log file.   Do all these
      tasks need to complete before the disarm signal is processed
      or is there the potential for them to be interleaved?
      (potential race conditions).
      I missed something?

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