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    Speaking of George Sullivan, what do you guys have on him? I m saddened that I don t have a heck of a lot. (see below). April Name: George SULLIVAN [169],
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      Speaking of George Sullivan, what do you guys have on him? I'm saddened
      that I don't have a heck of a lot. (see below).


      Name: George SULLIVAN [169], [169], [21]
      Birth: abt 1789 North Carolina [21]
      Endowment: 8 Jul 1817 Dickson County, Tennessee
      Endowment Memo: George is named as administrator of Jeremiah's estate
      along with his mother Nancy.
      Land Purchase: 26 Nov 1824 Dickson County, Tennessee
      Land Purchase Memo: Jessie Benton of Tipton County sells his rights to
      Jeremiah's land to George for $200. Wit: John Sewell, Lewis D. Lowell.
      (note to self: my research on Jesse Benton reveals that he was a land
      speculator and probably not related to the Sullivans.)
      CORT: Jan 1825 Dickson County, Tennessee
      CORT Memo: George Sullivant is one of the buyers at the estate of Levi
      Land Purchase: 5 Oct 1828 Dickson County, Tennessee [29], [169]
      Land Purchase Memo: George is named in the deed conveyance of Eppa
      Sullivan relinquishing heir rights to Nancy Sullivan, widow of Jeremiah.
      Wit: John Sr. and Jr.
      Land Purchase: 1 Jul 1834 Dickson County, Tennessee [29], [309]
      Land Purchase Memo: George is among the buyers of land at the estate sale
      of Nancy Sullivan; He purchased three slaves (Rachel, Suirirs? and Grays)
      total of $1147.50 and 3 land warrants of 30 acres for $2.
      Father: (**Possible Father) Jeremiah SULLIVAN Sr. (<1750-<1817)
      Mother: (**Possible Mother) Nancy HUMPHRIES (1769-1834)

      1 M: (Son) SULLIVAN [21]
      Birth: bet 1810-1819

      Remarks Notes for George SULLIVAN
      **There seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence to prove that George
      is the son of Jeremiah Sullivan and Nancy Humphries. See court events
      above. It seems George may play a key role in figuring out our Sullivans
      because he is always nearby, he sells numerous deeds, witnesses
      documents, etc, Owen (and his children) all name one of their children
      George (perhaps he is their namesake). I don't know why we don't know
      more about him and feel we have missed a valuable clue by not researching

      Film No. 497,196 (005-047 F1772) [211]
      Dickson County, TN Guardian Settlement Books Aug. 1842-Aug. 1866
      Geo. Sulivan Guardian of William M? Pendergrass Sept 6 1804? Released
      from all further liability March Term 1842.

      April 7, 1817 George posted the Bond for the Estate of Jeremiah Sullivan.

      These Deeds mentioned in Deed Index may be George (I need to get the
      BOOK E (1830-1835)
      SULLIVANT G. to Richardson S. D. #418
      SULLIVANT G. to Pendergrass Wm. #420

      Book G. (1839-1842)
      SULLIVAN G. to Myatt C. Tar(?) #328
      SULLIVAN G. to SULLIVAN Owen #453
      [note: this must be the deed between George and Owen on Sept. 2 1844 that
      Wells referred to so I would check book H. too in case the index is

      Book I. (1845-1850)
      SULLIVANT G. to MARSH S. #52
      SULLIVANT G. of Cook WH #536
      SULLIVANT G. to LAMPLEY J. #558

      Records indicate that George has come of legal age by 1818, or possibly
      before. Census records before then do not find a George Sullivan who fits
      his description:
      George Sulavan NC, County: Stokes, Page: 180
      George Sullivan NY, County: Orange, Page: 143
      George Sulliven SC, Edgefield; Page: 64

      Sullivan, George NH, Rockingham, Page: 687
      Sullivan, Georget NY, Orange; Page: 305
      Sullivan, George SC, Edgefield; Page: 168

      Sulivan, George KY, Fayette; Page: 16
      Sullivan, George Mass, Suffolk, Boston Ward 7, Page: 194
      Sullivan, George NC, Stokes, Page: 146 (there are also two Thomas
      Sullivans here, pp. 109 and 150)
      Sullivan, George NH, Rockingham, Exeter; Page: 242
      Sullivan, George SC; Edgefield; Page: 53

      In 1820, George should be found on the Census unless he is still living
      with his father--if it's Jeremiah we know died by then--his father's
      widow (not sure if Nancy is his mother or step-mother), or in a
      relative's household. According to the Index, their are no George
      Sullivans in Dickson or Davidson Counties. These are the George Sullivans
      Sullivan, George Mass., Suffolk, Boston, Ward 7; Page: 197
      Sulivan, George NC, Lincoln; Page: 296
      Sullivan, George NH, Rockingham, Exeter; Page: 202
      Sullivan, George NY, Orange, Montgomery; Page: 355
      Sullivan, George OH, Butler, Liberty; Page: 61
      Sullivan, George OH, Clermont, Franklin Page: 19
      Sulivan, George OH, Stark, Rose Page: 192
      Sullivan, George PA, Berks, Longswamp Page: 149
      Sullivan, George TN, Bedford, Page: 0?
      Sulivan, George TN, White Page: 69
      Sullivan, George VA, Loudoun, Leesburg Page: 133
      Sullivan, George VA, Loudoun, Leesburg Page: 133
      Sullivan, George Delaware, New Castle, Wilmington City Page: 0
      Slavin, George Ky, Garrard, Page: 212
      Slavin, George KY, Garrard Township 2; Page: 246
      Sullivan, George KY, Scott, Page: 148

      Between 1830-1839, George is involved in a number of land transactions
      and a George Sullivan appears in Davidson County, TN in the Census.
      (Sulivan, George TN, Davidson, Page: 13). Other Sullivans appearing in
      Davidson county in 1830 are Thomas, (2) Daniel, Zacheriah, Jeremiah, John
      and Nancy.

      Other George's listed in that index include:
      Silvan, George T. Louisiana, Orleans, New Orleans Page: 188
      Sullivan, George New Hampshire, Rockingham, Exeter Page: 158
      Sulavan, George NY,Westchester, Mt Pleasant Page: 36
      Sullivan, George M. OH, Butler, Union Page: 79
      Sullivan, George OH, Tuscarawas, Bucks, Page: 81
      Sullivan, George TN, Maury, Page: 97 (Also a Jesse, Jeptha, Meredith
      Sullivan here)
      Sullivant, George VA, Charlotte, Page: 235
      Sullivan, George VA, Fauquier, Page: 430

      If George was involved in land deeds in Dickson, it is interesting that
      he is not among the Sullivans listed in Dickson County 1830 Census:
      Sulivan, Oni S; Page: 19
      Sulivan, James; Page: 20
      Sulivan, John; Page: 21

      Our Sullivans are also known to have lived in nearby Hickman and
      Williamson County. Those who appeared in 1830 were:
      Hickman County, TN
      Sullivan, Spencer, Page: 65
      Sllivan, Menner, Page: 79
      Sullivan, Thomas Page: 82
      Sullivan, Rebeckea, Page: 95

      Williamson County, TN
      Sullivan, Benjamin. Page: 70
      Sullivan, Jesse, Page: 70
      Sullivan, Lee, Page: 74
      Sullivan, Hellen Page: 18
      Sullivan, Reuben, Page: 18
      Sullavan, John, Page: 3
      Sullivan, John, Sr., Page: 3
      Sullivan, Uriah, Page: 4
      Slaven, Aleseander, Page: 53
      Sullivan, Stephen, Page: 7

      By 1850 there are no further deeds in Dickson County involving George and
      no record of him on the Census there, leading to the conclusion that he
      has either moved or died. I wonder if there is a record of a will for
      him? I believe that the land transactions involving George in Dickson are
      on Turnbull Creek, but I have to get the deeds to make sure. I think
      further study of the residents of Turnbull Creek is necessary as may
      others we know are in the family lived on Turnbull Creek including the
      Lampleys, Greens, Strouds, Whites..and of course Sullivans.

      Another George Sullivan shows up in Kentucky, but seems to be too young
      (b. 1825) to be George the brother of Owen. Perhaps he is the son? We
      have not been able to figure out who the parents of this GW Sullivan is
      (in the ancestral file he is erroneously listed as John Wesley, son of
      Uriah Sullivan). A look at the census, shows that this GW was somehow
      closely related to Owen Sullivan:

      1850 Graves County Kentucky
      G.W. Sullivan, 25 born TN, wife Sarah (Sanderson), 22 born TN, Martha,
      (1) and John F. (2) then David is listed as being 22, Farmer, born in TN.
      G.W. is living next to Owen Sullivan, the father of David. Why is David
      living with George Wesley??

      1860 Graves County Kentucky
      Lne 25 (#292) page 43; G. W. Sullivan, 35 born Tn; Sarah (his wife), 33,
      ", Tn; John, 12, " Ky; Elizabeth, 10, ", Ky, Elijah, 8, ", Ky; Sarah, 7,
      ", Ky, (This would be Sarah A. - d.March 21, 1874; Martha, 5, ", Ky;
      Junius, 4, ", Ky; James Madison, 2, ", Ky (b. Nov 3 ,1858 / d. Jan 27,
      1932) C. Potts, 21, ", Ky, (Would this be Cynthia ?)

      1870 Graves County
      George is not listed with his family. Sarah is living with her daughter
      and son-in-law.
      Elijah 19, Junius 15, James Madison 11, and Melissa Catherine 9 living in
      the home of her daughter and son in law James Franklin Nicholson and
      Sarah A. (Sullivan) Nicholson.

      21. SULLIVAN, Char, <CKS230@...>, "Correspondence, gedcoms, and vital
      records from her files," from September 1998; some notes from various
      books can be read at,
      29. SULLIVAN, Dan, <dan_sullivan@...>, "The Sullivan Family
      Page," http://pages.prodigy.net/dan_sullivan/, author viewed the pages on
      Oct. 3 1998; In addition, Dan has written a biograph of Sullivans of
      Anson County which can be viewed at,
      169. Jill Garrett, "The River Counties," Dickson County Settlements, pg.
      [Account of sale of property of Nancy Sullivan, deceased on July 1, 1834.
      14 slaves owned and sold. Owen Sullivan, Elley Sullivan, George Sullivan,
      Zachariah Sullivan, and John Sullivan were among the buyers.]
      211. "Dickson County, TN Index to Deed Books and Various Deed Books,"
      1804-1912, County Clerk, Viewed on Microfilm at Orange Family History
      Center, LDS, Nov. 2002, Film Nos Index-#497418, Books A-C, years
      1804-1823, #497422.
      309. "Account of Sale of Property of Nancy Sullivan, Decd.," submitted by
      Char SULLIVAN, Copy in the author's possession, transcription by Char
      Sullivan, may be viewed at,
      ml, scans available at,

      >I also found another odd guardian record on the same film:
      >Geo. Sulivan Guardian of William M? Pendergrass Sept 6 1804? Released
      >from all further liability March Term 1842.
      >I noticed that later on George also sold land to William Pendergrass, so
      >I wonder if it was because he was a guardian of William and if that might
      >lead us to the idea that George married a Pendergrass?

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      Why do people who know the least know it the loudest?
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