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3Encore Fabrics as Upholstery Fabrics

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  • warwickgroups@yahoo.com
    Jan 27, 2011
      When I bought furniture for my new home, I wanted to cover it with good upholstery. A friend told me that I could buy quality upholstery fabric from Warwick. I decided to go to Warwick's website and on their gallery I found so many attractive fabrics for upholstery but what captivated my senses was the Rialto, one of the encore fabrics. I immediately ordered from them and in just a matter of days, the Rialto was delivered to my house. Now I have used Rialto encore fabrics and even their recycled fabrics for my furniture at home. You too can have quality fabrics from Warwick Australia by visiting them at http://www.warwick.com.au/