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14870Re: use of pvc for spreaders

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  • bennyfrank85
    Jun 25, 2014
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      I've used PVC fittings for fabricating hex beam hubs, but not spreaders. PVC performs well for hubs if you select relatively thick fittings.  However, I learned through first hand experience that PVC does not maintain its room temperature characteristics at temperature extremes. It softens and weakens in high heat and becomes very brittle in lower temperatures.

      The molecular structure of PVC changes significantly in cold temperatures and it will literally shatter or shear when under modest load. This characteristic is known as the glass transition temperature.  Unless you live in a goldilocks climate, PVC would be a poor choice of material for spreaders. CPVC maintains strength at somewhat higher temperatures (used for hot water systems), but it also has very poor cold temperature performance. For what it's worth, nested fiberglass tubes or Shakespeare telescoping fishing poles would be a much better choice at modestly higher cost.

      Good luck and 73,

      Larry KB1VFU

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