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14861Re: [hex-beam] Tuning the Hex Beam

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  • hanford wright
    Jun 23, 2014

      These are the connectors that Mike Traffie uses on his Hexbeams.



      Hanford R Wright  WA4LZC

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      Alternatively, just the inside of a plastic connector bloc:

      Steve G3TXQ

      On 23/06/2014 18:59, John Weisinger ysingers@... [hex-beam] wrote:
      > Description of Easy Connector
      > I start with a piece of insulating material. That can be plastic or
      > just about anything you have or can purchase. I have a supply of scrap
      > StarBoard that is used in the boating industry on dashboards and other
      > places in the sun. Use a UV resistant material if at all possible.
      > I cut the insulating material to 1.25 inches by .75 inches. I am
      > using either 1/2 or 5/8th inch thick material. I drill one whole
      > through the thickness of the material at one end for the rope to pass
      > through. I then drill a small hole (just big enough for the wire to
      > pass through easily) from the opposite end back to the rope hole. The
      > last hole is drilled from the top of the material between the rope
      > hole and opposite end with a small hole that can have a threading tap
      > run through it to create threads. I usually use a drill bit size
      > smaller than recommended for a 8 X 32 screw. Tap the hole for your
      > securing screw and you are done. I have included a photo of one of
      > the connectors.

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