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14858Re: [hex-beam] Overhauling old fiberglass spreaders....

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  • Cliff Sojourner
    Jun 23, 2014
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      in the past to treat pultruded rods like those I have used steel wool and then primer and enamel (non-conductive) paint, white is good for UV.  I used plain old white rattle can paint and it lasted more than 15 years.  not sure if UV fiberglass paint would be any better.

      Cliff K6CLS

      On 2014-06-23 09:55, ka9p@... [hex-beam] wrote:
      Hi to the group.
      I'm just starting to overhaul an original (i.e. some years on it)  DX Engineering hexbeam I picked up used, and there is a fair amount of splintering of the fiberglass.
      Curious as to the best way to treat it.  Steel wool, or sand, and is a glass UV  fiberglass paint required for best longevity, or is something simpler/cheaper good enough?
      Thanks, Scott

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