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Re: Zip File transfer from PC The problem sound logical, a arched file uses all 256 bits for compression so there cannot be any conversion between ASCII and EBCDIC. Such conversion must be

Vince Coen
12:20 PM

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Re: mixed dat On 27 February 2015 at 07:59, somitcw@... [hercules-os380] ... I think this is the biggie, and that such references turned out to be much more widely

Tony Harminc
9:32 AM

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Re: Zip File transfer from PC On 2/27/2015 10:18 AM, Rahim Azizarab rahimazizarab@... ... So it's doing what you are asking it to do? Either convert to EBCDIC on the PC, in which case

Gerhard Postpischil
7:40 AM

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Re: mixed dat ... There is no ESPIE support, and the SPIE exit is entered with a bowdlerized BC PSW (I get the correct PSW from the RB chain). There is no SVC 51 support for

Gerhard Postpischil
7:37 AM

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Zip File transfer from PC I can create and unzip a zip file on MVS, but if I transfer one from PC in Binary it seems no ascii conversion is done although I end up with a zip file that

Rahim Azizarab
7:18 AM

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Re: mixed dat To me, ignoring CR13 requests and allowing S/370-2GB virtual memory without requiring the new I/O would be the best and easiest. Two Hercules changes would be

4:59 AM

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Re: mixed dat ... And that job "for another day" would need to load CR13 to this: #define CR13_DUMMY 0x00001000 /* disable ATL memory access. This doesn't serve any

11:54 PM

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Re: mixed dat ... And since it produces identical results to the current hack, it needs to be tested by corrupting the XA DAT and seeing if 31-bit applications fail. I would

11:44 PM

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Re: mixed dat ... What I have in mind is that when SVC120I starts, it sets CR13 to an XA DAT that just maps virtual to real 1:1 and leaves it at that. No need to reload CR13

11:39 PM

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mixed dat I was just reading some old messages: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/hercules-380/conversations/messages/77 (Greg Price) 2) Enabled "dual DAT" such that

7:36 PM

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Re: path forward ... If it is too difficult to record the RMODE ANY setting, we can just assume that anything running AMODE 31 is also marked RMODE ANY, and SVC120I can just

6:39 PM

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Re: path forward Hi All an easy way to find out where a load module _is_ (in standard search order), is my CHECKMOD TSO command processor (found on TK4-): checkmod ikjputl

6:12 PM

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Re: path forward ... I just double-checked my system, using RFE, and it's not in SYS1.LINKLIB, only SYS1.LPALIB (on my system). Strange that you have 2 copies of it. BFN. Paul.

4:46 PM

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Re: path forward ... I finally found it. It is in SYS1.LPALIB. But I needed to browse using RFE instead of RPF, because RPF truncates the member listing. BFN. Paul.

4:36 PM

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Re: path forward ... On my tk3 system it's on SYS1.LPALIB, SYS1.LINKLIB, and the source is in MVSSRC.SYM103.F12 Gerhard Postpischil Bradford, Vermont

Gerhard Postpischil
4:34 PM
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