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7444Re: [hercules-os380] concatenation of unlike partitioned datasets

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  • somitcw
    Mar 23, 2014
      ---In hercules-os380@yahoogroups.com, <gerhardp@...> wrote :
      >On 3/23/2014 1:28 AM, somitcw@... wrote:
      >> Can you set the TIOT offset in the DCB ( DCBTIOT after OPEN )?
      >>I've never used the method so don't know if an OPEN, FEOV,
      >>CLOSE TYPE=T, or other method is used to switch.
      > The first thing I tried was to precede the CHECK with a WAIT to see
      >whether I can prevent the concatenation switch. But with a one-block
      >member, I get a 42 rather than a 41. I'm not sure setting the offset
      >would help at that point.
      >Gerhard Postpischil
      >Bradford, Vermont

      Just another wild guess:
      Have you tried resetting the DCB EOF indicator?
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