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7439Re: [hercules-os380] concatenation of unlike partitioned datasets

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  • Gerhard Postpischil
    Mar 22, 2014
      On 3/23/2014 12:03 AM, kerravon86@... wrote:
      > > I've tried any number of wonderful things, but no matter what I do, I
      > > cannot get around the 001-1 abend when using BSAM or BPAM services.
      > Is this strictly for opening an unlike PDS concatenation?

      For some values of "unlike"; for opening a load library concatenation
      for tasklib use, checking is minimal (I think only a null data set will
      give an error), and it will load even with bad block sizes.

      For BPAM use, there is no formal support; it is required that the
      (major) record formats be the same (F, V, U), allowing minors (B, S, A,
      M), and requiring compatible record lengths and block sizes.

      If I can open the concatenation with BPAM, and use EXCP, then the block
      size won't matter (allocate maximum buffer, and Read Count, Key, and
      Data) - find the concatenation number to get original RECFM and LRECL),
      and proceed as with the tape and BSAM unblocking.

      Another alternative is less efficient: determine the DD concatenation of
      the desired member, get the corresponding JFCB and UCB, dynamically
      allocate it (which will fail if the user specified DISP=OLD for read),
      process that normally, and free on close. This would maintain device
      independence, and support PDS/Es.

      Gerhard Postpischil
      Bradford, Vermont
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