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7431Re: [hercules-os380] RE: concatenation of unlike sequential datasets

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  • kerravon86
    Mar 4 5:31 PM
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      Ok, so that logic will break if we start using bigger flags than 0x80:

      /* If we are dealing with SYSIN/SYSPRINT/SYSTERM and we are
         in a TSO environment, then we should use GETLINE/PUTLINE
         by default, as you would expect for any other TSO
         command, like LISTCAT. If people don't want that, they
         should do a "CALL" to invoke the program as a
         non-TSO-command-processor */
      if (__tso
          && (__doperm
              || (myfile->permfile && inreopen))
          mode |= 0x80; /* use PUTLINE/GETLINE if available */

      I'd like that logic changed so that we're not faced with that constraint.

      Thanks. Paul.

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