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7428Re: [hercules-os380] RE: concatenation of unlike sequential datasets

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  • kerravon86
    Mar 4, 2014

      >> I do not remember such a specification, nor do I believe it is even
      >> technically possible, and nor do I think it has been implemented that way.

      > OPENMPRM L R4,PARM2 R4 is the MODE. 0=input 1=output
      > CH R4,=H'256' Call with value?
      > BL *+8 Yes; else pointer

      Can you explain how that works?

      But regardless, the code is not required. The C code passes a pointer:

      myfile->hfile =
          __aopen(myfile->ddname, &mode, &myfile->recfm, &myfile->lrecl,
                  &myfile->blksize, &myfile->asmbuf, p);

      >> Here is the "unit record" code:
      >> MVC 3(1,R5),IOMFLAGS Pass (updated) file mode back
      >> BNE NOTUNREC Not unit-record
      >> OI 3(R5),IOFUREC flag unit-record

      > That looks like an error, as it should have been loading PARM3.

      As per above aopen call, the "mode" is the second parameter. Also I believe I have tested the unit record code as part of PDOS, where I needed to have line buffering.

      Thanks. Paul.

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