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7420Re: [hercules-os380] RE: concatenation of unlike sequential datasets

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  • kerravon86
    Mar 4, 2014

      >> I notice that no-one was able to explain how other languages distinguish between text files and binary files.

      > Why should a language distinguish between text and binary files? Data
      > is data. Unless you want the OS (or run-time routines) to muck about
      > in your data looking for and inserting magic bytes.

      > PL/I has the notion of stream vs record files. C seems to have only
      > stream files.

      If PL/1 is writing a line of text, e.g. "ABC" to an FB80 file, will it pad the record with 77 spaces? What about reading - will it strip the 77 spaces?

      Thanks. Paul.

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