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7417Re: [hercules-os380] RE: concatenation of unlike sequential datasets

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  • kerravon86
    Mar 3, 2014

      >> So can we use 0x20 to signify "T"?

      > Per your original specification, the MODE parameter can be passed either
      > by value or by address. Only the second lends itself to having a value
      > returned.

      I do not remember such a specification, nor do I believe it is even technically possible, and nor do I think it has been implemented that way.

      Here is the "unit record" code:

      L     R5,PARM2           POINT TO MODE
      MVC   3(1,R5),IOMFLAGS   Pass (updated) file mode back
      BNE   NOTUNREC           Not unit-record
      OI    3(R5),IOFUREC      flag unit-record

      IOFUREC  EQU   X'40'           DEVICE IS UNIT RECORD

      Why can't we have a similar small amount of code for the "T" flag

      >> I'm not yet ready to support all that. I'd just like this minimal change
      >> to get the "T" flag set in the "MODE" (not "FILEMODE") variable.

      > That would require a drastic change, as AOPEN currently works with the
      > contents of MODE, and not its address, whereas FILEMODE is already being
      > updated.

      Are you sure? It doesn't look like that to me. MODE is an input/output variable.

      BFN. Paul.

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