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13641Re: [hercules-os380] Re: S/370 PC

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  • Giuseppe Vitillaro
    Jun 19, 2017
      On Mon, 19 Jun 2017, Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.hercules-os380@... [hercules-os380] wrote:

      > On 19/06/17 08:45, Giuseppe Vitillaro giuseppe@...
      > [hercules-os380] wrote:
      >> About S/390 Linux ... well ... believe me,
      >> the hercules emulator is not fast enough
      >> to support a real Unix user ;-(
      > Beg to differ: as emulated systems (without hardware assistance) go it's
      > quite sprightly.
      It depends on what you do.

      Try to "emerge/update" a gentoo, especially
      when time to recompile gcc and kernel comes ... ;-)

      I did for a while, with the assistance of an "s390x-crossdev"
      Intel machine, using "distcc".

      Still not fast enough for my taste, with the emulator,
      and the crossdev system, running over nice Intel multicore
      processors(4-emulated, 4-crossdev), with plenty of memory ;-(

      From the other side, it is fast enough to do basic things,
      like compiling small packages or personally developed
      small programs.

      Not fast enough for compiling the compiler, though.

      Infact, now, my s390x-gentoo is "frozen" to the April 2016
      emerge. Updating the system is too much an effort.

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